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Tips & Tricks5 hours ago

Display custom url if comment authors url is blank

Here is a nifty trick for your comments.php template. If someone comes to your site and leaves a comment but...

Showcase7 hours ago

Cult19 hours ago

Complete bbPress integration with BuddyPress

Looking for a tutorial on how this can be done?

Plugins1 day ago

Twitter avatars inside your WordPress comments

Ricardo Sousa, who writes for Smashing Magazine created a great plugin called Twittar. This plugin will use someones Twitter Gravatar...

We Love2 days ago

Plugins2 days ago

WordPress Wiki Plugin

The guys from Instinct whom released the E-Commerce Plugin have release a new plugin today. Dan Milward even went as...

We Love3 days ago

News3 days ago

Winner: Free Revolution Theme

I was just sitting in the back listening to Shayne Sanderson from Insctinct, who talked about their e-commerce plugin and...

News4 days ago

Wierd custom fields

I am not sure if this is from a pluigin error. But I suddenly have custom field names “atfemail_” and...

What is HTTP Protocol? 4 What is HTTP Protocol? 5
Articles4 days ago

What is HTTP Protocol?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and it’s the foundation of the web we know today. It’s a set of...

Awesome Beginner's Guide to API. 6 Awesome Beginner's Guide to API. 7
Articles5 days ago

Awesome Beginner’s Guide to API.

Introduction to APIs API allows for Communication between different software systems. APIs have become essential to modern software development since...

Tips & Tricks5 days ago

Echo custom fields in any category

Here is a neat trick. Say you want to show a custom field in you post or in a certain...

Plugins6 days ago

Google Highlight

For those looking for a way to optimize your search results on your WordPress blog. You may want to check...

Showcase6 days ago

WordCamp7 days ago

WordCamp Las Vegas: The WordPress codex

I am at the WordCamp convention in Las Vegas and Matt Mullenweg from, just finished his speech, and I...

Tips & Tricks1 week ago

Disable caching of your site or post

I talked about Disabling search engine on search pages in a previous post using the meta tag. Today lets go...

News1 week ago

WordCamp Las Vegas Near

The time is near, only 6 hours and some change to to get your tickets to WordCamp in Las Vegas!...