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WordCamp3 hours ago

Steve Souders, speeding up themes [notes]

Steve Souders, who currently works at Google is here to talk about speeding up your themes. Some overview notes WhySlow...

WordCamp15 hours ago

The state of the Press

I might like to start off by saying Happy Birthday WordPress. I don’t have any notes from Matt’s presentation, just...

WordCamp1 day ago

Podcasting with Dave Moyer

Planning Who let you in? Format Daily Weekly Monthly Hour/half hour A show’s Outline – Intro -What is this thing?...

WordCamp2 days ago

Cooking with BuddyPress

I’m sitting downstairs at WordCamp 2009 in San Fransisco. Up on stage right now, Andy Peatling creator of BuddyPress. BuddyPress...

News2 days ago

The WordPress Logo

For your information. The WordPress fonts are as follows: the old WP logo was Dante, the new one is Mrs....

Cult3 days ago

WordPress 2.8 beta 2 now available

WordPress announced the release of 2.8 beta 2, download it or check out the changes since beta 1.

Guest Post3 days ago

How to Make Money with eCommerce Website

According to International Trade Administration, worldwide eCommerce growth increased by 19% in 2020. Most business institutions open digital stores to...

Cult4 days ago

Simple double listed columns

DISCLAIMER: this post is older than one year and may not be up to date with the latest WordPress version....

Cult4 days ago

WP Web Host launches WPMU hosting plans

Just announced by the WPWebHost Team, they have launched a brand new hosting plan for WordPress MU: WP Buddy Plan:...

News5 days ago

The release of Galleria, a gallery child theme of Hybrid

As the WordPress community grows, so does the amount of available themes. Galleria is a gallery-style child theme for WordPress...

LAWPUG5 days ago

Follow up on LAWPUG for May 17

Today I attended my 3rd LAWPUG. This meet was located at Latoria Grill at the Farmers Market at 3rd st...

Tips & Tricks6 days ago

Remove spaces when echoing the_title

Ever wanted to print or echo the WordPress title attribute without spaces?

Cult6 days ago

Looking to hide content to non members?

Are you looking for a better way to hide content to non-members? You may want to check this out: Using...

Guest Post7 days ago

6 Best Online Plagiarism Checkers to Detect Duplicated Content

Using a tool is one of the first steps of removing plagiarism. In a time when around 1.5 billion pages...

Guest Post1 week ago

What is Blockchain Technology? Impact of Blockchain Technology On Various Industries.

Blockchain is a scrambled computerized data set shared by a few gatherings in a distributed organization. Any transaction that happens...

Guest Post1 week ago

13 Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins for 2022

Everything is done online or through digital media in this era of digitalization. When it comes to small and large...

Cult1 week ago

Stats working in your time zone

For the longest time I remember checking out my WordPress stats via this Stats plugin and it always cut of...