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Checklist for content marketing essentials



Content Marketing Checklist

When creating content that is going to be valuable in attracting a defined audience it is important to remember four key areas, all of which WPcult can assist you with. Your content should try and combine all of the following:

  • Educate

Educational content conveys knowledge to the user. Insightful videos that answer a question can leave a lasting impression. This includes videos such as ‘how to’ tutorials across a spectrum of areas: how to tie a tie, how to start a business, how to draw, or even how to be a ninja. Educational content satisfies the consumer’s thirst for knowledge or answers a defined question. This will be content worth viewing and sharing with selective audiences.

WPcult can research what people are searching for around your brand and what consumers want to find out. This in turn will drive traffic to your content.

  • Inform

Whereas educational content answers people’s questions, informational content can keep people up-to-date with news and events, as opposed to responding to questions they may have. Social media is now the go-to platform for the collection and distribution of this content, as opposed to old media channels. The challenge with this form of content is its time-limited nature with content becoming irrelevant when lacking context.

  • Entertain

Telling stories is as old as the human condition itself. Evoking emotion through entertainment is a great trap for viewers. Video is the ideal tool for evoking empathy or extreme emotion, whether this is through humor or sadness. As one statistic claims that video is worth 1.8 million words, this is the optimum medium to showcase the marketing power of entertainment. Humour also works with text-based advertising and memes, but the humor in video-form is likely to achieve more views and shares than anything else.

  • Inspire

One often overlooked goal in content strategy is to provide inspiration to viewers and consumers. Inspiring content can be anything that encourages people to try something new, challenge themselves, or push their limits. Showing the achievements of others, those who have overcome adversity or other challenges will often inspire people to do something featured in the video or to buy a product to help them do that. This can be particularly beneficial in charity campaigns.

Top 28 social marketing resources

Not on this list but we will go over at a later date are

Findable, Readable, Understandable, Actionable, Brandable, and last but not least Shareable. Also Essential are Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Decision, and how you get there Research, Planning, and Ideas, Execution/Creation, Optimization, Distribution and Analysis of the data, Retweak until you have the best results.


Looking for the right plugin?



Well, I hope many of you have been using the WordPress plugin directory. It’s a grand location where you can find endless plugin for your WordPress blog.

But sometimes you don’t exactly get what you search for, but according to mdawaffe on WordPress, they have implemented a new open source MySQL text search engine. Well go on, test it out.

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The launch of



Hey, in case you are unaware, WordPress has launched a new site called Check out the full post at the blog. Or visit

… is also now the place to find all that awesome WordCamp footage that was floating around the web without a home. See the presentations you missed and get a peek at behind-the-scenes action. We call it WordCampTV.

You’ll also find slideshows of presentations made by Automattic employees and other WordPress gurus, plus interviews I’ve done with the media and fellow bloggers….

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What is HTTP Protocol?




HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and it’s the foundation of the web we know today. It’s a set of rules that govern how web servers and browsers communicate with each other to send and receive information.

To understand how HTTP works, let’s consider a simple example. Imagine you want to visit a website, so you type its URL into your browser and hit enter. Your browser sends an HTTP request to the server hosting the website, asking it to send the webpage back to you.

The server receives the request and responds by sending an HTTP response back to your browser. This response includes the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that make up the webpage, as well as other resources like images and videos. Your browser then uses this information to render the webpage on your screen.

HTTP is a stateless protocol, which means that the server doesn’t store any information about the client’s session. Each request is treated as a separate, standalone event. This is in contrast to protocols like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), which maintain a connection between the client and server for the duration of the session.

One of the key features of HTTP is that it’s based on a request-response model. The client (usually a browser) makes a request, and the server responds with a response. There are several types of HTTP requests that a client can make, including GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

GET requests are used to retrieve information from the server. For example, when you visit a webpage, your browser sends a GET request to the server to retrieve the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that make up the webpage.

POST requests are used to send data to the server, usually as part of a form submission. For example, when you fill out a form on a website and click “submit,” your browser sends a POST request to the server with the form data.

PUT requests are used to update a resource on the server. For example, you might use a PUT request to update the information in a database record.

DELETE requests are used to delete a resource on the server.

HTTP is a crucial part of the internet, and it’s what enables us to access and share information online. Without it, the web as we know it wouldn’t exist.

In addition to the request types mentioned above, there are also several HTTP response codes that a server can send back to the client. These codes indicate the status of the request and whether or not it was successful.

Some common HTTP response codes include:

  • 200 OK: The request was successful and the server was able to fulfill it.
  • 301 Moved Permanently: The requested resource has been moved to a new URL, and the server sends this response code along with the new URL.
  • 404 Not Found: The requested resource could not be found on the server.
  • 500 Internal Server Error: An error occurred on the server while processing the request.

HTTP is an important part of how the web works, and it’s something that most of us use every day without even thinking about it. Whether we’re visiting a website, filling out a form, or uploading a file, we rely on HTTP to send and receive information.

It’s worth noting that HTTP is just one of many protocols that make up the internet. Others include TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), which is the underlying protocol that enables the communication between computers on the internet, and SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security), which is used to encrypt communication between a client and server.

Find an overview of HTTP Protocol here. and additional information on HTTP protocol here.

In conclusion, HTTP is a vital part of the internet, and it’s what enables us to access and share information online. Whether we’re browsing the web, filling out a form, or uploading a file, we rely on HTTP to communicate with servers and other clients.

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