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Tips & Tricks3 hours ago

How to: Display RSS feeds from anywhere

Here is a simple way to display any RSS feed in your WordPress blog. <?php include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . '/rss.php');...

Link Building Strategies Link Building Strategies
Traffic46 mins ago

21 Effective Strategies to Amplify Website Traffic

The article provides a comprehensive guide to driving traffic to your website, highlighting 21 effective methods. These techniques include targeting...

Essentials for Ecommerce Website Development 10 Essentials for Ecommerce Website Development 11
Guest Post9 hours ago

Essentials for Ecommerce Website Development

While e-commerce is projected to account for more than $6.5 trillion in sales by 2023, getting to stand out in...

Link Building Link Building
Link-Building14 hours ago

17 Essential Link Building Statistics and Trends for Enhanced SEO

The analysis highlights the significance of link-building in SEO, revealing that most websites neglect backlinks, which notably increases visibility. Valuable...

News21 hours ago

Get a copy of the book Blog Blazers!

Hey everyone, I’ve got two copies of Blog Blazers that I want to give away to you, the readers! I...

101 Blogging Tools 101 Blogging Tools
Marketing1 day ago

101 of the best blogging tools in 2024,

101 of the best blogging tools in 2024. Having the best blogging tools continues to be critical for bloggers in...

Tips & Tricks1 day ago

Remove the title attribute using jQuery

In WordPress, when you use wp_page_menu your anchor attribute’s usually carry a title with the same name. I’m not sure...

Cult2 days ago

In case you missed it, is all new!

You should head over the the newly redesigned site of Matt Mullenweg, the inventor of WordPress! His site is all...

News2 days ago

Working on a new theme called WordCult

So I have been really busy, and haven’t been able to put up a new post since I got back...

Tips & Tricks3 days ago

How to: Open external links in a new window

Over the weekend, I attended WordCamp Denver, and I was asked by John Hawkins how to force links to open...