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Back link Removal Method: an effective way to rejuvenate lost Google SERP

Back link Removal Method: an effective way to rejuvenate lost Google SERP

SEOs are now revolving around various link builds, inbound links are used to make a website unique and stand in the page one Google SERP. Today, it is the SEO optimized internet, so more than ninety five percent SEOs and webmasters look for unique and high quality backlinks. Else you will not be able to get the popularity and may find difficulties in expanding the business through internet marketing.

It seems that Google has strategically placed its move against ever increasing “spammed backlinks” by updating Google services to a new version “Google Penguin”. Most of the website owners were surprised to get this update on 24th of April 2012. Furthermore, the 13 Panda update had more wrecking effect on their first page show ups. Since then webmasters are getting the notification from Webmasters Tools regarding link removal because their websites are having abnormal backlinks. Many of the webmasters and website owners are concerned to get the first page Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) so that their website is noticed at a first glance. For this many SEO techniques are implemented like back linking of anchor text, article submissions, forum posting and guest post. Of these due to the strict updates and smart tools of Google, many of the backlinks are traced as fake, spam or even false. These backlinks need to be removed quickly so that you again come on the Goggle’s page one of SERP. But unluckily, this is not an easy task as it appears on first sight.

The Penguin update of Google, affected almost 3.1 % of the search results. It was a major move by Google to remove any of the Spam sites that are affecting SERP. The main consideration was the abnormal backlinks and they were traced off and rectified out of the system, leading to the dropdown of ranking of many sites overnight. It is really good that several steps can help the drowning SERP rank to get up once again, if the unwanted and abnormal backlinks are removed or do not point out the company or website in any way.

Quick and efficient back link removal techniques

First step toward the back link removal is to find all of the abnormal backlinks and enlist them. you can take help of the popular back link tracing tools that can give you various parameter like URL, post details, anchor text etc. some of these tools are Webmaster Tools Links, Majestic site explorer and SEOMoz Open site Explorer. Once you get the list and URLs of these backlinks, you can work to remove the suspicious backlinks to get things back to normal. For getting the suspicious ones, you see the useless pages and various directories where there is full paid links or they are of little value.

When you have traced and enlisted the backlinks to be removed, you can use the following easy to implement methods for reviving your SERP rank.

Ask the Editor to take down your backlinks: it is the first of all the methods you should try for back link removal. Most of the editors do not delay of this, even they are happy to rectify the abnormality in the functioning of your site.

You must keep in mind the things that need to be provided to the editor in your mail like, the anchor text, place where those links are present so that only the suspicious link is removed, not he useful ones instead.

If Editor nods, tell him to make them NoFollow: in some instances editors nod to remove the backlinks or demand you to pay for this and you are short of funds, then simply ask them to make all the backlinks as “NoFollow”. The best thing about NoFollow is that they are not considered for the SERP rankings while analyzed by Google bots.

Contacting article writer or the employee: The back linking is performed by an article writer or a company, who posts and adds links of your website in their articles while uploading them on various websites, blog posts, word press pages and guest posts contact them and ask them to remove suspicious backlinks by logging in to their accounts.

Adopting good back link removal service: with improved SEO techniques, now it is possible for tracing and removing the backlinks with the help of good and precise back link removal services. They charge you reasonably for the entire work you had to perform by self.

Once you are confirmed that all of the backlinks are now successfully removed or made NoFollow, you are required to contact Google with a “reconsideration request”. Once they are confirmed, ambush of your site will be released and you will be back in the Google page one SERP run.

Please leave your comments and suggestion in the comment section below. It will be helpful to update this write-up with useful suggestions to make it more comprehensive.

Nisha Pandey is Writing, previously as a hobby, converted into a passion for finding issues of Google webmasters tools and services and making people aware for better understanding on link removal method.

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