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WPCult is a WordPress blog that accepts guest posts given they align with the mentioned guidelines. The post should be original, of at least 1000-1500 words, interesting, informative, and should contain one link in content and one author link. There should also be multimedia content for every 250-500 words. Prior approval, these articles will become WPCult’s property. Additionally, guest bloggers can also write for other websites like California Literary Review, W3i, Magnafi, Fully Net Worth, Flaxseed Oil Benefits, and Iquotatious.



Write For Us - Guest Post 7

WPCult is a WordPress blog and I accept guest posts on this blog as long as the terms and conditions are followed. Rules listed below please read them carefully before sending an article also for anyone who wants to Write For Us on a regular basis click this link Write For Us.

Write For Us - Guest Post 8

Writers, Publishers, journalists, Guest Posters, Reviewers, and Influencers. 

This is the place for you to submit your articles/news/books/reviews. – Here are the rules to be posted. Your article/guest post must be 100% Unique. It can not be copied nor can it be posted somewhere else. It must pass COPYSCAPE, All posts/articles/news stories and reviews, guides, etc.. must have a minimum of 1000 words (NOT INCLUDING TITLE AND BIO), but we prefer articles to be at least 1500 words long and we have many posts that go over 10,000 words. you must add some form of multimedia to bring the content to life so you must add a picture, infographics, or video for every 250-500 words. We allow a max of 2 links,(1 in article and 1 in BIO you must send your bio) UNLESS THEY ARE REFERENCE SITES LIKE WIKIPEDIA, FORBES, FOX, BBC, E-Entertainment, MSN, USA TODAY, or any other reputable source otherwise we will delete those links.

  1. The content of the article must be related to  Themes, Plugins, WordPress Programing, Designs, WordPress Marketing, How-To Guides for WordPress, How To Make Money from Blogging, How To Get Traffic to Blogs, Apps for WordPress, Mobile, Internet Security, Computer Security, Mobile Security, Blogging, Social Media, Technology, Software, Photography, Gadgets, Internet, Marketing, Link Building, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Funnels, Longtail, Everything Videos, How to Make Videos, Video Tips and Tricks, Hosting, Design, Apps, WhiteHat, BlackHat, GreyHat, Stats, Research, Programming, CSS, MYSQL, C++, PERL, HTML, PHP, Java, Anything Tech, Tricks, Hacks, Tips, Tutorials, Computers, and network security.
  2. Your article must be at least 1000 words. preferably 1500+ words your article should be well researched and not the same old stuff posted everywhere else that has just been spun I want new relevant interesting articles ones people will want to read and bookmark and maybe link back to not an article that will not interest anyone or bore them to death because it is common knowledge that most newbies already know basically I require QUALITY, UNIQUE, INTERESTING, INFORMATIVE articles with a max of 2 links to your site or sites at the bottom of the article another thing most people forget or just don’t read the rules 😉 if you can handle that I would love to see your post and maybe may more to come in the future as I have 100’s of site
  3. The article has to be original and not been posted elsewhere before. When we review the posts received by guest writers, we run some background checks to see if the post is unique. you are not allowed to republish the article on any other blog or website.
  4. It is highly advisable not to submit a list type of article unless it creates value. (such as Top 100 WordPress themes free and premium with reviews of each etc.)
  5. Articles submitted and approved by me will belong to WP Cult. If your submission is rejected, you are free to use it elsewhere if not it becomes the property of
  6. You can include one link in the content unless the content requires more but if so they must be for authority sites like, Wikipedia, ahref, semrush, etc…  and one link at the Author’s Byline of your guest post with your keywords in anchor text.
  7. If after a few posts you would like to become a regular Guest Blogger/Writer on WPCult feel free to contact us on the contact form asking for an account and sending us the links to at least three o more of your articles we have posted already, along with your registered username and email.
  8. To submit your guest post, just submit it to wpcult  @   wpcult . com without spaces in a form of Microsoft Word document format.
  9. I will try to respond to the guest post submission daily but if I did not reply to you instantly, kindly give me around 1-30 days for me to respond- depending on the backlog.
  10. In this case, if the guest post is rejected, you will get an answer from me on the reason why it is rejected.
  11. If you are unclear on any of the terms and conditions above, just contact me over here.
  12. Images and Videos are always a plus but you should have the right to use them or they should be your own. , Please include all the images used in the post as separate attachments. We host all images on our cache servers, and will not link to images that are hosted elsewhere.  Videos must be hosted from a reputable site like Youtube if not sent to us we will host them or upload them to one of our Video Sharing accounts.
  13. If you want free advertisements, you will not get them posted as an article here. We do sometimes provide independent reviews of products or services for a fee. If you want such a service please contact us.
  14. Please send in Post Description. Keywords you would like us to add to the post.  AND TO MAKE THE MOST ADVANTAGE OF YOUR POST ALWAYS STICK AROUND TO ANSWER COMMENTS.  The more post you post the more followers you will receive from the site.
  15. If you believe we should add another category for your articles CONTACT US and we will definitely think about your request.
  16. We run about 30 Blogs in Different Categories so if you write mostly for other categories let us know if we have a site that fits your Niche and you follow the rules we would be more than happy to add your articles to other sites in our Network

Write For Us - Guest Post 9

The benefits of a guest post.

Backlinks:- You will get quality and relevant backlinks for your blog. The links will never expire, the links will never lose their value, and the links will always be there in your submitted post.

Traffic:- If you create quality articles our readers and those that come from search engines and other sites will also see your links and obviously like what you have written want to check out your site.

Exposure:- This one is self-explanatory.

Not Allowed.

  • Duplicate Content
  • Illegal Content
  • Self Promoted Posts/Articles
  • Affiliate Links in Articles
  • Paid or Sponsored Articles/Links
  • Too Short and Unprofessionally written
  • Fake Author Info Or Fake Name
  • Link to Bad Sites/ Banned sites/ Adult Sites/ Warez Sites OR Blogs
  • NSFW Images or Links (Not Safe For Work)
  • Copyrighted Images, Icons, Banners, or Logos in Post

We may decline to use your post because of its quality, the relevance of your topic, because we have more posts than we can use, or because we’ve published a number of posts on the topic recently.

We may also decline to use your post if it covers information we’ve already covered on the site. We’re really looking for guest posts that present new ideas, fresh perspectives, and innovative approaches. We like to present readers with ideas and information that we haven’t seen elsewhere online.

In short, before you send us your submission, please make sure it:

  1. conveys quality, practical advice presented with ProBlogger readers in mind
  2. is able to be used exclusively at WPCult
  3. includes all the information—links, link text, photos, videos, etc.—you want the published version of your post to include
  4. infringes no copyright laws
  5. includes a headline, body text, and your byline.

It’d be great if you could also follow these points in preparing your post for us.

  • Font: please do not use bold font in your post’s prose.
  • Subheadings: wrap any subheadings in your post in <h2> tags, or simply bold them so they stand out.
  • Links: if you want to mark up a link and link text using HTML, by all means, do so. Otherwise, include the URL in brackets within the prose, immediately after the text you’d like to use as the link text. We don’t publish affiliate links in guest posts; please do not include them.

We also accept guest posts for the following websites as well.

California Literary Review – Movies, Television, Fashion, Politics, Video Games, Apps, Novels, Poetry, Music, etc.

W3i – Tech, Hosting, apps Reviews Etc.

Magnafi – Yoga, Health, Fitness, etc.

Fully Net Worth – Influencers, Celebrities, Athletes, Businesses, Rappers, information about them.

Flaxseed Oil Benefits – Health site information about different health products.

Iquotatious – Quotes and sayings of every type.

you can express your interest to the email above for any and all of these sites if there is a category you feel would complement one of the sites above please feel to ask and if we agree we will happily add the category to the respective site for your FREE GUEST POSTING.

  1. To submit your guest post, just submit it to wpcult  @   wpcult . com without spaces in a form of Microsoft Word document format.
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