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Should You Recycle Old Material to WordPress?

As a writer, or as a business owner doing some serious blogging, you probably wish to fill up your new WordPress account with as much material as possible.  It’s the active site that receives the most attention from the algorithms; whether the search engine is Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other.  You’ve already written a number of blogs on your free BlogSpot, linking them to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts, so it seems natural to carry this busy activity into your new website.


Can Reprints Hurt Your Ranking?


This seems like a practical solution, but recycling old material can actually hurt your ratings on the Search Engine Results Page.  The new Google Penguin rules stipulate no scraping and no duplicate material for high search engine results.  Even if it’s your own work, if you duplicate it at your WordPress website, you’ve diminished your chances of being noticed by the search engines.


Linking your accounts is a good policy.  It gives you more visibility to your fans, friends, and followers.  These linked sites, however, will not give you search engine ratings, no matter how well you present your topic.  All they will do is mention your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn activity in a search under your own name or your business title.


WordPress websites have a great deal of potential for increasing your ratings for SERP.  By allowing Google Search bots to crawl your index, the algorithms will take note of unique and interesting content.  High SERP ratings will bring you, readers, outside your circle of Facebook and Twitter friends.


Here’s the Motivation to be Prolific!


This should be strong motivation as an author or as a business site owner.  Your personalized accounts are on a level playing field.  You will receive no more attention than the degree of activity you put into it for acquiring readers.  You will not be sponsored by the search engines if you do not have an active website representing your work.  As a business, there is no greater advantage than having a high ranking on the Search Engine Results Page.  Most users do not go past the first one or two pages when placing a query for information on a product or service.  If your site has a prominent position, the chances are good it will be one of the first places the user will search.


As an author, it probably feels very good to receive those instant responses from Facebook friends and Twitter followers when you direct them to your personal blog.  If your blog is on a shared account, however, you run the risk of losing your copyrights to the company sponsoring you.  With a hosted WordPress website, you can copyright protect your work.


Authors generally wish to be accredited as writers with published work.  Google Penguin now recognizes author names in its algorithms.  Authors who have published consistently on their own websites and others have a greater chance of ranking high in a Search Engines Results Page.  This will assist you if your goal is to be published traditionally or through electronic books.


Use only new content for your WordPress website and use easy to read premium WordPress themes to ensure your blog also looks nice and professional.  Keep it original and interesting.  Link your WordPress article with your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.  This will ensure both an active interest among the friends, followers, and clientele you’ve built up, as well as high ranking in the algorithms.  Your goal is to expand your business and your name with the tools the Internet has to offer.  These tools are available to anyone who takes the initiative to use them.  While it means the playing field is highly competitive, it also means that a good strategy can bring you success.



About author

Olga Ionel is a creative writer at – a top provider of WordPress themes. She is passionate about studying the online marketing industry and sharing informative tips.

WordPress themes. She is passionate about studying online marketing industry and sharing informative tips.

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