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News2 hours ago

The New Theme at WPCult

Well, I spent the last 6 hours updating the new theme into the site. Please let me know what you...

Remove Backlinks Remove Backlinks
Guest Post14 hours ago

Backlink Removal Method: an effective way to rejuvenate lost Google SERP

Backlink Removal Method: an effective way to rejuvenate lost Google SERP SEOs are now revolving around various link builds; inbound...

AI generated Content AI generated Content
Artificial Intelligence1 day ago

Navigating AI-Generated Content in Marketing: Key Trends and Tools

The article discusses the growing use of AI-generated content in marketing. It highlights the most popular types of AI-generated content,...

News2 days ago

A new look for wpcult

I have been really busy on putting together a custom theme for this site. And while I do love WooThemes’s...

Awesome Beginner's Guide to API. 9 Awesome Beginner's Guide to API. 10
Articles2 days ago

Awesome Beginner’s Guide to API.

APIs are like digital helpers that let different software programs share information and work together. As APIs have become really...

DDoS Attack on OpenAI DDoS Attack on OpenAI
News3 days ago

OpenAI Tackles DDoS Attack-Induced Outages on ChatGPT and API Services

OpenAI's ChatGPT and API services experienced a series of disruptions over a 24-hour period due to a Distributed Denial of...

Articles3 days ago

Looking for the right plugin?

Well, I hope many of you have been using the WordPress plugin directory. It’s a grand location where you can...

AI Marketing AI Marketing
Artificial Intelligence4 days ago

The Speed Dilemma in AI-Driven Marketing: Quality Over Quantity

the speed dilemma in AI-driven marketing. It argues that the emphasis on speed often comes at the expense of quality...

Plugins4 days ago

Add the twittar plugin for WordPress w/ comment threading

I talked about the Twittar plugin in a previous post. But learned that the read me text file was only...

Artificial Intelligence5 days ago

Leveraging AI for SEO in 2024: Strategies and Top Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized Search Engine Optimization (SEO), providing bloggers and business owners with efficient tools to enhance their...