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In the yеar 2002, Mіcrоѕoft саmе uр wіth a whоlе new рlаtfоrm for developing арplicаtiоnѕ.



In the yеar 2002, Mіcrоѕoft саmе uр wіth a whоlе new рlаtfоrm for developing арplicаtiоnѕ. 15

In the yеar 2002, Mіcrоѕoft саmе uр wіth a whоlе new рlаtfоrm for developing арplicаtiоnѕ. 16

Busіnеsѕеs аnd orgаnіzatіоns аll аrоund the wоrld arе loоking fоr а ѕоlutiоn thаt wоuld prоvе their еxistence аnd еnable them to survіve іn thе cutthrоаt competitіvе markеt еither bу decreasing thеir сoѕtѕ оr inсrease thеir revenue. Hоwevеr, lоng gonе аre the dаys of slow, іneffіcient technolоgiеs thаt оthеrwіse had trоuble tо meet these goаls. In order to mаkе thе buѕіnеss prосеѕs mоrе еffісіеnt, it іs vitаl to сhооse the rіght technolоgу to devеloр intеlligеnt aррlications; an aрplicаtiоn thаt іs quick to deplоу аnd аt the sаme tіme рroveѕ tо be relіable, qualіtative and ѕcаlаble. Thе Mісrоsoft.Nеt Dеvelорment plаtform іѕ аn ideаl tеchnolоgу to cаter thіѕ nееd.

In the yеar 2002, Mіcrоѕoft саmе uр wіth a whоlе new рlаtfоrm for developing арplicаtiоnѕ. The рlаtfоrm waѕ built to overcome mаny of thе рroblеms that cоmmоnly аccustomed wіth арplіcаtіon development і.е. timе conѕuming dеveloрmеnt рrоcesѕ, laсk оf аbilіty tо chаngе applications quiсklу, hіgh соsts оf software оwnershiр, аnd quiсk and еаsy deplоуment. With Mіcrosоft .Nеt аpplіcаtion development platform, the solutіon to theѕe рrоblеmѕ can bе eaѕіly met.

Thе real bеnefіts оf .Nеt рlаtform сan bе understood by undеrѕtаndіng thе typеѕ of applications thаt can bе buіlt. Frоm misѕіon сritісаl aрpliсatіons to ѕіmрlе websites, Nеt platfоrm hаs аbіlіtу to crаft ѕоlutіоn for all. Somе of the applісаtіons thаt cаn bе dеvelореd usіng Mіcrosоft .Nеt platfоrm arе liѕtеd bеlоw:

  • Inventorу applісаtіons
  • Custom CRM (Custоmer Rеlationshiр Manаgemеnt)
  • Wаrehоuѕe / storehouse applіcаtions
  • Aссountіng аnd book-keeрing appliсatіons
  • Logіstіcѕ / value сhаin / ѕuрplу manаgеmеnt appliсatіons
  • Dynamіc websitеs
  • XML wеb ѕеrvісеѕ
  • Mobile Phоne applіcаtіоnѕ
  • Busineѕs Intеllіgence applications

Microsoft .Net dеvеlopmеnt platform consiѕts оf а dеvеlopment environmеnt that enables .Net developers to quickly аnd grаphicаlly buіld аn аррlісаtiоn. Furthermore, it alѕo соnѕіst of rе-uѕablе lіbrаrіеs, codeѕ, and componеnts that develoрers саn uѕe аgаіn and agаin, whiсh in turn еlіminаtеs the cumbersome taѕk оf rеwrіting thе sourcе. Thiѕ result in less timе to develoр an application and ultіmatеlу lesѕ coѕt of devеlopment, аnd thеrеfоrе will yiеld bettеr rеturn on іnveѕtmеnt fоr the orgаnizаtion that deploys such .Net applіcatіоn. Apart frоm thіs, sоmе оf the аdvantagеѕ of .Nеt platfоrm аrе аѕ followѕ:

  1. Relіаbilitу – .Net frаmework hаѕ рroved to bе vеry vigorous аnd relіаble for buѕinesses all аrоund thе wоrld. Evеr since itѕ launch 10 уеаrѕ аgо, it hаs been extеnѕively uѕed tо develoр thouѕands of арplісаtiоns, maу іt be lаrgе or sіmple applicatіon. All the buѕinesses uѕіng these.Net developed applіcatiоns testify thеir liаbilіty fоr thе same tо thе utmoѕt.
  2. Scаlаbility – busіneѕseѕ grоws very quісkly tоdау, іn terms of еxpаnsiоn. Nevertheless, Nеt application аlѕo hаs ability оf bеing eаsilу сhangеd bу the develoреrѕ and in ѕhоrt timе toо, whісh cаn effiсiеntly fоstеr thе grоwіng busіneѕs.
  3. Seсurіty – ѕеcurіty wаs one of the mоst vіtаl pоintѕ thаt wеrе kept іn mіnd while desіgning the .Net framеwork. Miсrosоft аntіcipated thе еxtenѕivе uѕе of .Net devеloрment іn rеgаrdѕ tо buѕinеsѕ applicаtіonѕ; hеncе creаted іtѕ own reinforced sеcuritу mесhanіsm, enѕuring seсure aрplіcаtion dеvеloрment.
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Rahul is the author of this article. He is experienced in .Net development for more than 3 years.

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Lost? Since You Can’t Trust Apple Maps, Check Out These 3 Apps Instead



Lost? Since You Can't Trust Apple Maps, Check Out These 3 Apps Instead 20

Lost? Since You Can't Trust Apple Maps, Check Out These 3 Apps Instead 21

Maybe you have the new software on your Apple device that has made headlines as not being reliable, or perhaps you’re just tired of the rivalry between Apple and Android. Either way, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you may want to invest in some apps that can get you from Point A to Point B without any hiccups. If map apps are what you want, these three are good places to start.

1. MapQuest

Well, before Google Maps was popular, you probably looked directions up on your computer through a bit of website known as MapQuest. Well, MapQuest now has an app, and if you have a dedication to the web version, you’ll undoubtedly want to download the app.

MapQuest is not only free to use, but it will also provide you with voice-guided directions, which can help you from having to look at your screen while driving. You’ll also receive turn-by-turn directions, so there’s no need to try and guess where the map is trying to take you or how to get from one street to another. You can also use the app to check current traffic or look for restaurants or other establishments in your area.

2. Waze

With over 30 million users, you can rest assured that Waze will help you get to your location. Not only does the Waze app serve as a GPS, but it will also provide you with real-time traffic information and give you route options to take. In addition, the directions are voice-guided, so you’ll never have to look at your phone for directions. And if you end up in a traffic jam, Waze will help you find the best way to get out of the jam and get to your location.

Waze uses the information from its users to determine roadblocks, traffic jams, and times, so if you’re using Waze, you’ll be helping others in the area learn the best routes. And to make Waze even better, you can also use the app to find the cheapest gas in your area.


3. Motionx GPS Drive

If the first two don’t sound appealing to you, you still have Motionx GPS Drive. This app will provide you with real-time and predicted times for your trip. You can view the app in both landscape or portrait mode, and you can also see the designated speed limit for the road you’re traveling on the right on your screen.

This app also has voice-guided directions, and you can choose the voice you want to hear. They will also give you detailed maps to ensure that you stay on track when coming to complex intersections. You also have the option to integrate the app with both Facebook and Twitter, and if you’re not traveling by car, Motionx GPS Drive will also give you walking directions.

Nobody likes getting lost, and sometimes you want something different than Google Maps or a non-functioning Apple Maps. If you’re headed out, make sure to have these apps on hand to keep you on track.

Jacob Smith works for Nissan auto in the sales department. He is an avid blogger and enjoys writing about his favorite car models and the dangers of drunk driving.

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An Overview Of Business Models



An Overview Of Business Models 23

An Overview Of Business Models 24

Knowing Where To Start

There are a number of conceptual business models that are used throughout the professional world in order to enable business to have direction and a clear set of achievable objectives. One of the most beneficial aspects of the ISO 27001 standard is that it is defined with an organization’s business plan in mind. It is the intention of the standard to fit into an already decided set of principles and liberate a business in its information security procedures.

What Should A Business Model Encompass?

Businesses can thrive or fail on their business model and planning, so knowing what should be in your plan is critical in every sense. An effective business model should be aligned with the goals and objectives, both short and long-term, of the organization. To this end, every single individual element of planning or task should be undertaken with the business model firmly in mind.

ISO 27001 is in fact a great way to discipline a business model. The ISO 27001 standard calls for the continuous evolution of information security and of high levels of governance. Applying similar principles to your business model will ensure your business remains operating at a healthy level and continues to be ahead of the competition. If the business model of an organization does not work within the objective framework then it is more likely to prove to be unsuccessful.

Types Of Business Model

There are four main types of business models that are used throughout the world. Understanding which one fits best with your business could give you the key to profit and success. Understanding how an information security management system, such as ISO 27001, fits into these models in relation to your business, could also prove critical.

The most common in use today is the business model canvas. This is such a straightforward and productive method as it has many positive outcomes. At a glance, a potential investor can look at an overview of the business as a whole and decide whether or not they see investment potential in the organization. On a larger scale, it enables consortiums to bring together ideas and formulate a plan in a simple manner.

This is by far the most well-rounded business model and also allows for the most consideration of information security, as it allows many aspects of a business to be viewed at once.

Other popular ideas include the business reference model and the component business model, although both of these focus specifically on business areas rather than an overview, meaning ISO 27001 implementation may not be as simple to integrate into the business plan.

Bough SEO is a London SEO agency that specializes in all forms of digital marketing.

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Google’s New Tool For Bad Links



Google's New Tool For Bad Links 26

Google's New Tool For Bad Links 27

Google recently announced it has launched its Disavow Tool which allows webmasters to alert Google of any backlinks they think may be harming their website. When Google rolled out their Penguin algorithm update, many webmasters saw their search engine rankings plummet as Google was penalizing their website because of the types of links pointing at their website. This algorithm update created a lot of stress for webmasters as they were not entirely sure which links were causing their rankings to decline.

Now, thanks to the Disavow Tool, webmasters can tell Google which links to ignore when assessing their backlink profile in an effort to improve their rankings.

 Why you Should Use the Google Disavow Tool

If you were one of the many webmasters who was hit hard by the Penguin update, you will want to use the Disavow Tool to help your website recover. This tool is sort of a way for webmasters to wipe the slate clean if they happened to build backlinks for their website using automated tools or link-building services.

By providing Google with a link of links to ignore when deciding where your website should rank for a specific keyword, you should be able to clean up your backlink profile and only be left with high-quality links from relevant websites. When your backlink profile is cleaned up, you should see your rankings improve. Your rankings may not rebound to the levels they once were before the Penguin update, but they should be higher than what they currently are.

 How to Use the Disavow Tool

Using the Disavow Tool can be a cumbersome task at first, but once you use it for the first time it should be easy for you to use it again for another domain that you own. The first thing you need to do in order to use the Disavow Tool is to gather a list of URLs that contain a link pointing to the website that you believe is hurting your website’s rankings. These URLs can be gathered using a backlink profile tool.

Once you have a list of low-quality URLs that contain a backlink for your website, you will want to open up a text file and paste those URLs in that file using the following format: where the entire URL is the location of the page where your backlink resides. If you want to disavow all links from an entire domain, you can do so by including a line in your text file that reads At the top of your text file, you can create comments for yourself and set those aside by placing a hashtag (#) before the line that contains the comment. In the end, your file will look something like this:

# Comment goes here

# Tried removing links from but the owner was unresponsive


Once you have saved your text file with all of the URLs where you believe there is a backlink that is harming your site’s search engine ranking, you will then need to open up the Disavow Tool while signing into your Google account. After you navigate to the Disavow Tool, you will then go through all of the prompts and warnings and upload your text file for the appropriate domain that you own.

It is important to remember that it can take up to several weeks for the Disavow Tool to take effect, so you will not see an immediate increase in your website’s rankings. Just keep a watchful eye on your rankings to see if they improve in the next couple of weeks. If your rankings do not improve, you can try disavowing more links.

Richard H. blogger, writer, hobby photographer. He enjoys life as much as he can, the biggest happiness for him is when he helps others. Currently working for Samuelson Hause & Samuelson as a content contributor.

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