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10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022

Have you opened up a new website or a business and want to drive more traffic towards it? Check out these 10 best digital marketing plugins for WordPress and see wonders!



10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 5

If you are an avid user of WordPress, you are surely affiliated with the Word plugin. Nevertheless, let me explain the term simply for brand-new users. 

A plugin is a software application used in WordPress to add new features to the user’s website or to extend and modify the existing ones. There are literally thousands of plugins available for users on WordPress, both free and paid versions. 

It is safe to say that there are hundreds of plugins for every activity related to content management or conducting business, and this is true for digital marketing as well. There are a plethora of WordPress digital marketing plugins. 

You must be thinking now. Which of these would serve most of your purposes effectively? Which of these are the ones trending in 2022 for their best performances? 

We have singled out 10 of the best digital marketing plugins for WordPress for you. 

Get into the article to know more about these!  

Benefits of using digital marketing plugins for WordPress

There are tons of benefits of plugins in general. And when it comes to digital marketing strategies, these can prove to be gems. Some of the notable advantages of digital marketing plugins are identified below-

  • Availability: This might be the biggest benefit of a WordPress plugin. Whatever problem you might feel with your WordPress website or whatever additional functions you might want to add, there is a big possibility that WordPress has a plugin for that. This enhances your functionality by a great deal.
  • Affordability: Although there are some plugins for premium uses which are ought to be bought, there are hundreds of effective plugins which are absolutely free of cost. That is why it becomes very much affordable for anyone willing to modify their website on a shoestring budget. 
  • Adaptability: The adaptability of the plugins for WordPress can bring wonders for you. You can adapt these plugins very easily, following your needs and preferences. The plugins are unbelievably easy to use for beginners as well. 
  • Clarity: All the information that you need to know about the plugins is open and ready for you to explore. You can easily judge the functionality and performance of a plugin by assessing certain parameters, which makes it less likely to get into trouble or have a hassle installing any plugin. 

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022

Now, let’s get further into the article to learn about 10 of the best-known digital marketing plugins that are being used widely in 2022 by millions of WordPress users-

#1 OptinMonster

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 6

This is undoubtedly one of the very best lead generation plugins available on WordPress. OptinMonster comes with different options of opt-in forms which can be adjusted and adapted easily as per your website’s requirements. 

What is the major goal of any business? More and more conversions, of course. OptinMonster can be a great pick for that. This plugin helps you tailor the most attention-grabbing website, which will definitely turn viewers into customers. 

The various features of the OptinMonster plugin help you catch the eyes of users instantly. This plugin can be easily adapted to your requirements and can be personalized to suit the comfort and needs of the users.  

Nowadays, it is extremely important that your website is mobile-friendly and seamless to navigate, and OptinMonster can help with that too. The best thing about this plugin is that it is amazingly user-friendly, which lessens almost half the hassle for the website owners. 

#2 All in One SEO

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 7

When you own a website or a business you obviously want it to stand out and to be visible to the maximum number of people. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, improves the visibility and reach of a website and assists in grabbing the attention of the targeted people. 

The All in One SEO plugin has been crafted to do that for your website. An extremely popular plugin, All in One SEO comes with a plethora of tools and features that will allow you to stay long ahead of the curve.

If you have a WooCommerce store or business, this plugin can come in handy for you in so many ways. It has all the necessary attributes to optimize your product page, product details, product images, and so on. 

The multidimensional functions of All in One SEO will definitely lead your website to be in the top searches, allowing you to have increased conversion rates and sales, too!

#3 Hustle

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 8

Hustle is the ultimate marketing solution for business owners. This plugin can make your life so much easier. Whether it is offering hundreds of beautifully crafted and efficient templates or helping you with your social following and pop-ups, hustle covers you everywhere.   

This WordPress digital marketing plugin has been designed to give you the ultimate comfort of marketing your business and products by social sharing through a wide number of channels. Hustle helps you style your business page in such a way that is spectacular and systematic at the same time. 

This digital marketing plugin has the option for inside analytics which allows you to understand the performance of your taken actions from time to time, which can be really helpful if you want to enhance or be consistent in your performance and quality of services. 

Moreover, Hustle is integrated with several popular email service providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Sendy, and so on, which is most definitely a great way to increase conversion. 

#4 CTX Feed

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 9

This plugin is basically the ultimate WooCommerce product feed generator that can take away all your hassles regarding product feeds within minutes. The significance of a well-arranged and systematically built product feed needs no explanation, and CTX Feed is a combination of abundant features and functionality that can help you create the best product feed.

You can put in all the information related to your products, price, images, and availability in the product feed with great ease, and the plugin also updates any changes you make automatically to the feed, which can save you a lot of time. 

There are 100+ templates for you to choose from, and you are not limited by any number as to how many products you would like to display. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

The 5 different formats offered by this product feed plugin cover the requirements of any shopping channel. This makes your product feed much easier and quicker to get approved. This digital marketing plugin supports over 100 marketing channels and can give you the leverage to reach customers from a wide range of areas. 

CTX Feed has both a free and a paid version. The paid version, CTX Feed Pro, comes with some modified and updated features that can prove to be very helpful for you. One of the best things about this plugin is that it is absolutely error-free, so you can have full trust in it! 

#5 Envira Gallery

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 10

This is one of the most popular gallery plugins for WordPress. Envira Gallery has been built to help you make the most pleasant-looking gallery for your products, which includes both photos and videos. The integration with the already-built templates has been made extremely smooth and fast for this plugin.  

There is no need to be specialized in developing for using this plugin. Literally, anybody can use it, which is why the popularity of Envira Gallery is increasing day by day among entrepreneurs, bloggers, website builders, and so on. 

The super flexible nature of this WordPress marketing tool also gives you the leverage of image proofing, providing your customers with the best kind of service. Whether you want to upload photos and videos into the gallery directly or you want to integrate with other sources from outside, like Instagram is completely your choice. 

Like many other digital marketing plugins for WordPress, Envira Gallery also comes with a free and paid version. However, the paid version is reasonably cheap as well. 

#6 SEMrush

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 11

SEMrush is basically a writing assistant plugin. This plugin is immensely helpful in creating optimized SEO-friendly content

With the help of this plugin, you can get instant suggestions and recommendations while you are creating content. These recommendations are given based on the ten best content ranked by Google, depending on what keywords you give and from which location. 

SEMrush basically takes care of everything when you are writing something, including keyword selection, tone of writing, use of words, plagiarism, readability, and so on. 

When you are finally done with your writing, you can also get to see your overall score, which can help you in making decisions regarding alterations and modifications. 

This beautifully crafted plugin guides you step by step on how to write overall optimized content that can reach millions of targeted viewers at the same time, different tools of this plugin help you in promoting your content on social media as well. 

#7 Mailchimp

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 12

Mailchimp for WooCommerce is undoubtedly a big YES for anyone owning a WooCommerce website. This marketing automation plugin can do wonders for your business if you intend to keep consistent and effective communication with your potential stakeholders. 

Wondering how that works?

When you integrate your WooCooomerce business with your Mailchimp account, different information related to the customers, like their name, email, purchase, etc., gets synced with Mailchimp, and it is done automatically without demanding any of your efforts. 

This digital marketing plugin for WordPress can assist you in sending recommendations and announcements to your customer base. You can keep regular and good communication with all your existing customers through this plugin, and at the same time, you can also identify new customers. 

Mailchimp also allows you to analyze your overall performance in promotion and marketing. 

#8 MonsterInsights

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 13

If you are running a website, you would definitely want to know how it is performing and the statistics as to its acceptance from the users. That is what MonsterInsights does. 

MonsterInsights is basically a tool for Google Analytics in WordPress, which can even provide you with real-time data and statistics. 

When you are in charge of a site, it becomes extremely necessary for you to analyze and observe it. When you become able to know this, you also become able to bring in necessary changes and modifications to your website which can offer the customers an even more seamless experience. This ultimately leads to the generation of more leads and sales. 

The process of Google Analytics is not at all easy, but with MonsterInsights, it surely is! With the proper use of this digital marketing plugin, your website will surely bring more success to you. 

#9 WP Call Button

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 14

The primary target for any business or store is to make sales, right? 

Usually, when a buyer gets interested in a product, they want to call the product company. Now, if the process is not easy and the buyers do not find a quick call option on your website, it is highly likely that you will not get the call and you will not make the sale. 

WP Call Button comes as a rescue in this. This WordPress plugin gives your website a quick click-to-call action option when the users are on their mobile phones. 

The plugin is very fast and lightweight and the amount of skills you would need to operate the WP Call Button is basically zero. The plugin is extremely easy to install and use, and you would not need any developer for that. 

#10 Smash Balloon 

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 15

The importance of social media for businesses in today’s age needs no separate mention. Now, think how great it would be if you could combine your social media feeds with your website on WordPress. 

The WordPress plugin Smash Balloons Digital Marketing Plugins has been created just for this. 

The plugin allows you to display your social media feeds in your WordPress account in the most pleasant way possible. When you combine your social media accounts with your website, your website or business automatically becomes more relevant as well as more trustworthy. 

People can easily relate to your business and with you, as a matter of fact. This can bring in an increased number of sales and can also help you get more known in the industry. 


Digital marketing has become an inseparable part of any business today. The WordPress marketing tools take away all the hassles that might have to be faced to initiate the most engaging digital marketing campaigns.

So, which one of these digital marketing plugins for WordPress do you think can work the best for your business? 

Author bio:

Maliha Tasneem

10 Best Digital Marketing Plugins for WordPress 2022 16

Maliha Tasneem is a professional content writer who has been writing creative and technical content for 4 years. Currently, she is working at Webappick – a giant WordPress Plugin development company, as a content writer.

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5 Reasons You Should Look Into Your Graphic Designer’s Reputation Before Hiring




There are several reasons why you might turn to a graphic designer for help with your business. You may have a complex advertising campaign that needs to appear as professional as possible. You might want some different ideas about how to brand your business. Or you just may wish to outsource some of your marketing material creation functions in order to concentrate on running your day-to-day business.

5 Reasons You Should Look Into Your Graphic Designer's Reputation Before Hiring 30

But before you sign an agreement, you should look into the reputation of any potential graphic design contractor. Here are five things that you can learn about simply by spending some time on your computer.

1. Tastes and penchants. This isn’t quite the same thing as asking for references or work samples. While that’s important, checking out someone’s online reputation using search engines may unveil some projects or designs that you weren’t shown by the graphic designer.

This can be important for a couple of reasons. First, you want to be sure that the samples you are presented with are actually representative of the graphic designer’s typical output. Secondly, you can flesh out a better idea of the person’s preferences to determine whether they jibe with your own. For example, if a given designer is prone to complex layouts or pricey materials or processes, you may want to think twice before agreeing to a contract with him or her.

2. Personal qualities. In theory, an individual’s work and personal lives should be mutually exclusive. In reality, that’s frequently not the case.

It’s not important whether a graphic designer runs with an unusual group of friends or likes a different football team. But there are some personal traits that can be relevant. For example, what if you discover that a graphic designer is married to the owner of a printing company? Will you truly be getting an unbiased eye for your project? You can also detect whether a person may be having fiscal issues or criminal problems if you know where to look in cyberspace.

5 Reasons You Should Look Into Your Graphic Designer's Reputation Before Hiring 31

3. Unsatisfied customers. It’s not uncommon for a graphic designer’s work to elicit a complaint online. The key is how the designer handles that criticism.

If you see many thoughtful responses by a graphic designer to critiques or complaints about past work, you may infer that the person is open to others’ opinions and is professional when his or her vision in questioned. However, if you notice comments that are laced with defensiveness, anger, or personal attacks, you may question how the designer will respond if you say you’re not satisfied with his or her work.

4. Unflattering statements. Why do you feel uncomfortable when a store clerk disparages a previous customer? Because you know that one day, the customer being belittled could be you.

The same goes for statements online. If you discover statements from the graphic designer on his or her social media sites that denigrate other clients, you should wonder what could be said about you on the Web. Do you really want to hire a graphic designer who talks about you behind your back?

5. Dispute history. Obviously, you want to do business with individuals who have integrity and professionalism. And after all, a graphic designer is still a contractor just like your accountant, bottled water supplier, or cleaning service.

So it’s worthwhile to do some online research to see if a graphic designer is involved in any formal business disputes. This is more than just about work critiques; you should figure out if the individual is being sued for breach of contract or called out for not completing projects as promised or by prescribed deadlines. Information like this might send up a red flag.

5 Reasons You Should Look Into Your Graphic Designer's Reputation Before Hiring 32

Graphic designers can be an invaluable resource to a business. But if you fail to check out their online reputation before hiring them, you may be setting yourself up for a world of pain and inconvenience. And if you’re a typical business owner, you need less stress in your life – not more.

Featured images:
  • 5 Reasons You Should Look Into Your Graphic Designer's Reputation Before Hiring 33 License: Royalty Free or iStock source:
  • 5 Reasons You Should Look Into Your Graphic Designer's Reputation Before Hiring 34 License: Royalty Free or iStock source:
  • 5 Reasons You Should Look Into Your Graphic Designer's Reputation Before Hiring 35 License: Royalty Free or iStock source:

Chris Martin is a freelance writer about topics ranging from reputation management to entrepreneurism to business finance.

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10 SEO Rules for Designers




SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is a very vital component of every website. Basically, as a blogger or a web designer, it is essential you understand properly how SEO normally works. In this write up, we are going to look at 10 easy rules which hustle free will improve the SEO on all the websites you own. Read on to know more on this.

10 SEO Rules for Designers-
The following are the 10 SEO rules for designers. They include;

Do Not Cheat-
Google has have very many scientists who posses PHDs. Generally, the work of these scientists is to work for about 60 hours a week to ensure that no person can fool Google. You basically cannot outsmart those scientists.
Thus, it is ideal that you ignore any advices on trying to cheat the Google system and try focusing on making ideal web sites that have got great content.

Sticking to Your Keywords-
It is important that you pick a few phrases or keywords which describe your website. You them as well as the words related to them, each time it is natural to do so. However, you should note that repeating them carelessly is not ideal. Try to use them in links, headlines and sentences.

Content is the King-
You should note that users do not search for design, but they usually search for content. Thus, if you’ve got a site that does not have content that people want, do not expect any person to search for it.
Ensure that every page present in your website follow the inverted Pyramid. Every page in your site must lead with s relevant H1 tag and must have your keyword.

Ensure that Your Code is Clean-
You should know that a clean code is usually a searchable code. Thus, try to build your website in a text editor ad well as ensure that you write a clean, human readable HTML. Generally, it is ideal that you ensure that the HTML follows the conceptual structure of your page.

The Home Page Should be The Most Essential Thing-
Your home page usually is the key to your website being found by the search engines. Thus, you must ensure that it summarizes the rest of your website, and offers a clear as well as compelling reason for the users to look at other pages in the website.


Links Have Got Meaning-
Search engines normally pay a lot of attention to links that are present in your website as well as the various words that have been used in those links. However, do not use ‘see more’ or ‘click here’ for a link.
Basically, the link text must describe where the link will lead the users, like ‘learn how we can hustle free improve your SEO’.

Title Tags For Win-
Each and every page present in your website must have a title with the website name as well as a brief description of your page. Note that the page title is usually what appears in search results. Thus, you must ensure that it give the users a very clear reason for clicking on it.

Alt Tags Matter-
All the images in your website must have an alt tag. Thus, it is important that you include an alt tag to any image that you believe is relevant to your page. For instance, if your page is normally focused on the CSS tricks, labeling a screenshot will definitely improve the find ability of your page.

Ignoring Most Meta Tags-
In the recent years, Meta tags used to be the SEO secretes. However, that is not the case nowadays. The Meta tag which nowadays is still usable is the description tag. SEO can use it to offer the text under the links to your pages in their results.

Having A Site Map-
It is ideal that you ensure that you’ve got a site map. A site map simply refers to an xml file which describes the structure of the page. Thus, ensure that you make it one by yourself and submit it to Google.

Designing for Humans-
SEO are normally designed to find out what people want. Thus, it is ideal that you design your site for humans in order to make it findable.

In conclusion, ensure that you make use of these tips if you want to become a successful web designer. Thank you.

Author Bio:-
This post has been written by Anne Smith. She said that our
Link Building Service gives you an excellent opportunity to get high ranking for your websites on different search engines. We post relevant topics in relevant forums with targeted links in the signature of each post. These forums are highly ranked by search engines and back links from them ensure good ranking for your website too.

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Content Marketing: 5 Tools to Help Drive Your Instant Results

The post discusses five essential tools for content curators:, Pinterest, Zemanta, Storify, and assists in gathering and organizing content based on keywords; Pinterest is ideal for image curators; Zemanta offers a WordPress plugin to facilitate finding relevant posts and images; Storify aids in sourcing and sharing extensive details, and is built entirely around creating lists. These tools aid in making curating process easier, effective and engaging, focusing on relevance to the audience based on location.




Content Marketing: 5 Tools to Help Drive Your Instant Results 42

Content Marketing: 5 Tools to Help Drive Your Instant Results 43The ability to gather the information and properly arrange the content based on supportive skills. Because of this, all the information has been sent to everyone and out there in various resources. What makes you stand out from the targeted audience based on the location and present it? The main thing is that you should make the curator a smarter way of content, and you will find out the tools to make the work easier in a prefect manner based on the website requirements. The five effective tools for making the perfect curator allow social marketers to make things easily. The five supportive tools are:

Content Marketing: 5 Tools to Help Drive Your Instant Results 44This tool provides services that allow us to make the search based on a series of niche or keyword categories on the web page. First, you should select the topic you want to follow and start gathering information based on the collection of supportive articles, social media, and any other content to get into your account. Your collection has ended up based on the essential things from the blog posts and social media content to engage the video. But what really about the tool has allowed you to make things quickly based on the relevant content that you need with the essential making of your role to create the content curator much easier with the support of this tool.

Content Marketing: 5 Tools to Help Drive Your Instant Results 45Pinterest

Pinterest is not only the leading social media, but it is also supported as the best tool for making the content of image curators. If you don’t know about Pinterest for supportive to make the pins interesting images, you will find the web content to select the random boards based on your specific themes. The main thing is to create the boards with the great fuel of your curator, especially for reaching the targeted audience. But, it takes a different approach to make the Pinterest resource, and this is one of the social components as well as an easy way to get the people for your board with the support of an image curator and even share your content with others or any other resources.


The Zemanta tool has plugin for WordPress, and it is much easier to use as well as to find out the relevant posts and images based on your requirements. The particular use of this tool is to add the image suggestion that will be added on the sidebar. Mostly, any curator can spend ten minutes and trying to hunt down the attribution. This set of features can potentially save your loading time otherwise, you will spend on the scouring of your web page. The additional thing is if you have to link with any other blog and this tool recommends your post in the sidebar. So, make use of the curator and make sure to use the posts that are linked in order to make your own content perfectly as well as relevant to your website. This tool is very useful for providing support to social marketers, and they know the value of content resources for the blog.


It mainly focused on the longer and needed detailed information about the content for the social Content Marketing: 5 Tools to Help Drive Your Instant Results 46curation. Storify allows websites to search through a large number of sources, and you have to find the content that you want to share easily through the support of this tool. This is the easy way to measure the level of each individual piece of content, and it simple process to identify the content with the most essential value of resources. Particularly, this tool has made the supportive to the social marketer to reach the targeted resource based on the support of relevant blogs and images or any other resource. Another main advantage is the effort to create a viral part of the social network based on the unique resource.

This tool is built entirely around lists, and you can use this tool only as a way of representing the list, such as images, websites, and other things because this tool has made a great way of driving the traffic level and proper way of engagement. It is more supportive to the marketer and the most popular list across the network resource.

Jamie Noel is an Associate Inbound Strategist at SEO Resellers Agency Platform. She works with B2B & B2C brands to drive more out of their search engine optimization efforts. Her focus is always on integrating SEO into digital marketing plans, link-building, and content strategy.

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