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WordPress Tips for Photographers

Photography is the art of capturing naturalistic images with the help of photographic cameras. It is the science of framing up visible images along with factors like light. Photography entwines itself with illumination, lighting, darkness, and shadows, much like how nature and spirituality are entwined. Over time, photos and pictures become cogent evidence for the changing aspect of nature and time. The only property in our lives that is untouched by time is the moment captured in a photo. Anything that is unaffected by time in this universe is immortal and divine.

Photographers in a way are artists who capture the aesthetic occurrences of this world. For a successful photographer, it is always a gamble between what he feels is necessary and what he feels is unnecessary. For an avid photographer, vision is his treasure and camera is his Holy Grail. For such a divine profession, storing and keeping track of those captivating moments caught on film is inherent. With the invention of groundbreaking cloud storage technologies coupled with the emergence of the internet as a data storage platform, photographers need not ponder over the issue of photo storage. By utilizing such technologies, photographers can build portfolios, maintain websites, generate leads, and attract prospective clients.

Social networking and photo-sharing websites such as Picasa and Flickr serve the purpose of saving and storing all your photographs online. But when you are looking to generate business leads and attract prospective clients, having your own website with a URL to your portfolio will be an inviting option. WordPress is one of those notable online platforms that help photographers manage their portfolios. Most of us know WordPress only for blogging but of late, it has developed into a reliable content management system. A content management system allows you to upload and store various types of content on your website.

One of the most prominent features of content management systems such as WordPress is that they allow you to change the appearance of your website without altering the content. For photographers, WordPress allows you to update and publish new photos and you can post them instantly. And to top it all off, WordPress can be downloaded for free from Probably the only time you have to spend money is when you select a domain name and choose a hosting package from a website hosting service.

The theme speaks volumes about your website and portfolio. So make sure you select the right theme, there are countless free and premium WordPress themes with which you can customize your website depending on the niche of your portfolio. Here are a few free WordPress Themes in 2012 that will best suit photo-based websites:

  • WidePhoto –  A free HTML5 fullscreen WordPress theme for photographers that want a visually impressive website to showcase photography.
  • Grid Photo –  A fully-responsive HTML5 grid-based theme for photographers and photography fans.
  • Minimatica – A very stylish, modern, and minimalist theme with a beautiful image gallery slider and an optional blog view.
  • F8 Lite – A multimedia and photography portfolio theme for WordPress.
  • Hatch – A simple and minimal type of portfolio theme for designers, photographers, illustrators, or photobloggers.

You may also take a look at these few tips for photographers using WordPress:

1.  Avoid images being suppressed every time you change a theme by adjusting your media settings as required by the theme. The Viper007Bond’s Regenerate Thumbnail plug-in automatically resizes your image as per the requirements of the theme.

2.  As photographic websites tend to have a huge collection of pictures and the load time of the website is affected drastically. Installing the W3 Total Cache plug-in will enhance the load time of your website.

3.  All versions released after WordPress 2.9 have a special option with which you can select featured images for your posts and web pages. Select the best picture in your portfolio to attract visitors and prospective clients.

4.  Create readable and descriptive file names for your images as it is important for search engine optimization.

Hope these tips and suggestions will help you to efficiently manage your WordPress-based Photography website.

George Webber writes about Entertainment, Technology, and the Internet. He writes on behalf of – your gateway to the best cable companies across the nation.

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