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5 Reasons You Should Never Give Up When Trying To Make Money From A Blog

Did you know that it’s easier to increase your earnings each month from 2K to 10K than it is to go from 0 to 2K? This is because when you reach the 2K per month point you already have a well-oiled machine. Starting from scratch is really hard and it can almost take forever to earn a decent wage from your blog. If people know how long it took before they would be earning enough money to quit their job they might never start blogging. Those are the people who quit before they see any results.

If you want to be one of the people with a well-oiled machine you have got to put the work in now. The last thing you want to do is quit because you might have only been a few months away from hitting the jackpot and you would have never known. You will be making enough money to quit your job one day, even if it takes you 3 years to do it. That is a long time for anyone, so I want to look at some important things that can give you encouragement and will hopefully stop you from giving up.

Little wins when you least expect it

You could be doing your thing and nothing is going right for you. It’s not for your lack of trying because you are putting in a lot of effort, but for some reason, it almost feels like you are going backward. Then one day you get an email asking if you would like to be featured on a big blog. Or you might receive thousands of visitors because the right person has linked to an article you wrote. Those kinds of things can’t be planned for and they just happen somewhere along the way, usually in your second or third year.

You become well known

When you are trying to network with people it is draining. You try your best to be nice to them and it’s not working. They might respond to a tweet or a blog comment, but it’s obvious they never gave it much thought and they were just trying to be nice. They still don’t know who you are. When you stick at it and have been constantly on someone’s radar for a few years they will definitely know who you are unless they are senile. You just have to stick around and wait for the magic to happen.

Sometimes turning up is enough

People get far too stressed out about how much effort is required. I think there are a few people who don’t even get any sleep because they try too hard. Sometimes all you need to do is turn up. I know that might sound strange, but you don’t need to start doing everything possible to succeed. You just need to follow a straight path and keep publishing posts for your readers. Then when you see an opportunity you should snap it up. Sometimes smart thinking beats going crazy.

The snowball effect

Have you ever made a giant snowball? When the snowball is small and it starts to roll it picks up some snow and it gets a little bigger. When it’s huge it will pick up much more snow and it will get bigger a lot quicker. This is what happens with a blog and in the beginning, you are the small snowball. No matter what you do there is only a certain amount of snow you can pick up. When you have been around for years your snowball will pick up much more snow with everything you do.

Becoming better at everything

Everyone who starts out writing doesn’t have their voice, but they find it after a year. They start out doing rubbish videos, but soon the quality will rival anything you see online. Throw in podcasting, marketing, networking, and millions of other things that make people successful. Even though it might seem hard to believe, you get better at things the more you do them, so sticking in for years will mean you turn into a great blogger who can’t fail.

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Blogging is an art in itself and many people startup with much fervor and then give up citing difficulties. The author in today’s guest post advises us why not to do such a thing. Along with his daily work, Kish Winner Exposes the property to get rich scam seminars to alert people about the dangers online.

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