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Plugins4 hours ago

Search Unleased: A custom WordPress plugin

Most all WordPress theme’s use a a simple search form to search your site. But what it you wanted to...

Tips & Tricks8 hours ago

Limit the characters that display on the_title

Ever wanted to display the title of a post somewhere but limit the amount of characters that are shown? For...

We Love20 hours ago

Articles1 day ago

The launch of

Hey, in case you are unaware, WordPress has launched a new site called Check out the full post at...

Showcase2 days ago

Tips & Tricks2 days ago

Can′t add pagination on WooThemes Thick Theme

Everything I have tried has led to nothing. And I have tried six way’s from Sunday to get my main...

Tips & Tricks3 days ago

Pulling custom fields from outside the loop

In the last post “Creating a custom widget” I showed you how to create a custom widget. Well in this...

Tips & Tricks3 days ago

Creating a custom widget

Today let’s learn a simple quick trick on how to create a custom widget. For my example I will show...

Tips & Tricks4 days ago

Display custom url if comment authors url is blank

Here is a nifty trick for your comments.php template. If someone comes to your site and leaves a comment but...

Showcase4 days ago

Plugins5 days ago

Twitter avatars inside your WordPress comments

Ricardo Sousa, who writes for Smashing Magazine created a great plugin called Twittar. This plugin will use someones Twitter Gravatar...

We Love5 days ago

Plugins6 days ago

WordPress Wiki Plugin

The guys from Instinct whom released the E-Commerce Plugin have release a new plugin today. Dan Milward even went as...

We Love6 days ago

News7 days ago

Winner: Free Revolution Theme

I was just sitting in the back listening to Shayne Sanderson from Insctinct, who talked about their e-commerce plugin and...

News1 week ago

Wierd custom fields

I am not sure if this is from a pluigin error. But I suddenly have custom field names “atfemail_” and...

Tips & Tricks1 week ago

Echo custom fields in any category

Here is a neat trick. Say you want to show a custom field in you post or in a certain...