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OpenAI Tackles DDoS Attack-Induced Outages on ChatGPT and API Services

OpenAI’s ChatGPT and API services experienced a series of disruptions over a 24-hour period due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The company promptly addressed the issue and restored services. The outage highlighted the importance of contingency plans for those relying heavily on AI tools.



DDoS Attack on OpenAI

In a recent turn of events, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, along with its API, Labs, and Playground services, experienced a series of disruptions over a 24-hour period, prompting concerns among its extensive user base.

OpenAI’s Response to Service Interruptions

OpenAI promptly reported the outages affecting ChatGPT and API users. These glitches manifested in various forms, ranging from login difficulties for logged-out ChatGPT users to delayed response times due to unusually high demand. Concurrently, Google Bard also faced similar service disruptions early Wednesday.

Resolution of DDoS Attack

As per OpenAI’s incident report, these outages were attributed to abnormal traffic patterns, indicative of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The company swiftly implemented fixes and monitored the situation to ensure service restoration.

The Role of Anonymous Sudan

Reports emerged that the DDoS attack was claimed by Anonymous Sudan. The group publicized their involvement via their Telegram channel, sharing screenshots of error messages from ChatGPT and explaining their motives behind the attack.

Impact on New Features and Custom GPTs

Initially, the outages were suspected to be linked to the new features introduced across OpenAI’s platform on DevDay, particularly concerning the recently released custom GPTs. The issues, however, were resolved shortly after the updates were rolled out.

User Experiences During the Outage

Throughout the day, ChatGPT users encountered a variety of error messages, signaling high demand and server issues. These included login issues for logged-out users and general access blockages to ChatGPT. Users attempting to create new custom GPTs also faced several error messages.

External Confirmations of the Outages

Independent sources like Downdetector and Checkhost recorded multiple reports of outages on ChatGPT’s website and app over the last 24 hours, confirming the widespread impact of the disruptions.

Timeline of the Outages

The outages began on the night of November 7, with partial service interruptions. The situation escalated on November 8 at 5:42 AM PST, leading to a significant outage across ChatGPT and the API. OpenAI’s engineering team quickly responded with a series of fixes to mitigate these issues.

OpenAI’s Commitment to Uptime

Despite this rare disruption, OpenAI maintains a 99% uptime for its services. The recent incident highlighted the complexities of maintaining large-scale AI services and the importance of swift responses to such challenges.

Implications for AI Tool Dependence

For those relying heavily on AI tools for content creation, data analysis, and automated customer service, the robustness of systems like ChatGPT is vital. This outage serves as a reminder of the need for contingency plans to tackle unexpected downtime.

Exploring ChatGPT Alternatives

During the outage, many users turned to alternatives like Google Bard and However, these services also experienced problems, underscoring the challenges faced by AI-driven tools in ensuring consistent service availability.

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Las Vegas is closer than you think



The date is rolling around the corner. It may be the holidays all December long, but January 10th & 11th is what we’re all waiting for! What is this date you ask your self? Word Camp:

A conference type of event that focuses squarely on everything WordPress. Everyone from casual end users all the way up to core developers show up to these events. These events are usually highlighted by speeches or keynotes by various people.

Exiting huh! Well for all the latest info check out the official Word Camp Las Vegas link, plus you can also follow WPLV on Twitter.

Our tickets have been bought, and we are looking for a place to stay. But if you want to stay where the WordPress action is WPLV set up a special rate at The Palace Station, where the conference is going to be held.

If there is any more info, I will let you know 🙂

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On the lookout for 2.7



I know the whole community is weary and waiting for the release of the now 18 days over original scheduled release of November 10th. But I am already anxious to start the prowl for plugins that need major updating for the new 2.7 platform.

I know because I have the latest nightly build installed on this site, and some of the plugins I am using have created a tiny problem, ;). Okay, maybe some have really not liked the new WP, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying them out.

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WordPress Beta 3 Error



WordPress Beta 3 Error 8

If you don’t know, this site is running the latest WordPress. Which is in Beta testing, version 2.7 Beta-3.

I installed a new plugin today: SEO Smart Links. And as soon as I installed and tested it out, I get an error message on my dashboard.

The funny thing is, usually when there is an error, it shows up at the top of the page, before the site loads. This error is showing up at the bottom of the site.

huh, I was going to past the code error, but it seemed to disappear? I will post it if it shows up again.

Table of Contents


Another big error is clicking the publish button. Seems that I keep getting an Error 500 – Internal server error when publishing a post or re-saving a post. 🙁


I used my handy dandy Plugin: WP-DBManager to restore my backup from yesterday. Fixed both problems!
Hopefully, Vladimir Prelovac will update his plugin for WordPress 2.7 use.

Update 2

Upon further inspection, and trials. This plugin is awesome and powerful for how simple it is. But my plugin: OIO Publisherseems not to like ALOT of my plugins I have installed.

So check out the SEO plugin for sure!

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