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6 Best Online Plagiarism Checkers to Detect Duplicated Content

Using a tool is one of the first steps of removing plagiarism. In a time when around 1.5 billion pages on the internet have duplicate content, writers must formulate something original and outstanding.

That’s when a plagiarism detector comes in handy, as they can help the writers by:

  • Finding plagiarism’s percentage
  • Detecting duplicity by scanning vast databases
  • Analyze similarities/compare duplicate content
  • Check for originality after removing or rephrasing plagiarized content

These factors make a plagiarism checker a necessity in the arsenal of any writer today. However, that’s where the challenge begins, which is to find a free plagiarism checker. So, to help you find such plagiarism finders, let’s get right into it.

Defining the Necessity of Detecting & Removing Plagiarized Content

Finding and removing plagiarism is a very important practice that every writer must learn. It’s not only about your credibility; it’s also about the purpose you’re writing for. For instance, if you’re writing in a professional setting, then the image of the place you work for depends on it.

Suppose you’re writing content in an academic environment. In that case, your grades and future hang by your ability to write original content. Granted, sometimes plagiarism can be accidental, but that doesn’t make it any less harmful.

That’s why it’s important for any writer today to use such tools to remove plagiarism. And here are four major reasons that signify the importance of finding and removing plagiarism:

·        Promote Original Ideas

Originality is the key in any setting, whether it’s academic or professional. Any sort of plagiarism in the content will make it unoriginal or lackluster. That’s why, to promote original ideas and stand out as a good writer, you must find duplicity and remove it accordingly.

·        Establish Credibility

Credibility as a writer depends a lot on how well you write original content. Therefore, regardless of the purpose of your writing, you need to establish your credibility as a proficient writer by removing plagiarism. This will grant you a vote of confidence in any situation that you write.

·        Avoid Google Penalties

As a blog writer or website owner, your job is to stand out in the SERP ranks by creating SEO-friendly content. The fact remains that no SEO-friendly content can ever have plagiarism in it. Therefore, removing plagiarism for better SEO is very important for any website or blog.

·        Academic Competence

To advance in grades and overall academic venture, you must write content that helps you establish your expertise and competence. Suppose your research papers or essays have copied content in them. In that case, you will be compromising your academic competence, and that’s why you must remove plagiarism from it.

6 Best Online Plagiarism Checkers to Detect Duplicated Content

From outstanding plagiarism finders to some that might miss duplicity entirely—you can find them all on Google. Therefore, it’s no surprise people look up to experts to find tools that help them with this necessary factor of content writing.

We’ve picked a list of tried and tested tools to make it easier for you. These tools are both paid and free. So, without further ado, here are the six best online plagiarism checkers you can use to detect duplicated content.


PrePostSEO is one of the common names in such tools, and for good reasons. The plagiarism checker by this provider testifies their position as one of the best toolmakers today. This plagiarism finder doesn’t only find duplicity effectively, but it doesn’t leave any stones unturned when looking for plagiarism.

In other words, this visually appeasing content scanner allows you to scour through the depths of the internet to find duplicity. Therefore, you can depend on it to find any plagiarism in your content and its sources.

2.    EduBirdie’s

EduBirdie’s plagiarism checker is for content writers, students, teachers, etc. You see this line right after you visit the tool, and there’s no doubt about it. The checker doesn’t offer many options except its ability to check up to ten thousand words.

This makes it a checker with some of the most word-checking abilities. Therefore, regardless of your content’s length, you can rest easy knowing you can check any form of content with this plagiarism finder.

3.    Writer.Com’s

You would think a website named “” would provide you with a great tool, and they do. The plagiarism checker by is nothing short of stellar and easy. Dubbed as a “free plagiarism checker,” this one doesn’t ask you a penny.

These factors make it perhaps one of the most lucrative plagiarism finders available today. On top of that, it works quickly, so you won’t have to wait a lot before it scans your content.

4.’s plagiarism checker is perhaps the attest tool on this list. Not only because of its ability to check plagiarism but the fact because it can do it in multiple languages. Therefore, regardless of the language you write your content in, you can use it to find duplicity.

The seemingly endless word limit will also put you at ease since you can quickly check any long-form content. However, what impresses us the most is the speed at which this tool operates. In other words, even thousands of words can be scanned with this tool within a matter of seconds.

5.    Plagiarisma.Net is one of the tools with the most supported languages. The website itself claims to support over 190 languages. Moreover, this plagiarism finder offers two options in a unique turn of things. These options allow you to check for plagiarism on either Google or Bing.

We’re not sure how effective that is, but it’s surely a unique approach. Since Google and Bing do have very different methods, it could mean finding plagiarism on an extensive level. Regardless, it doesn’t influence the effectiveness of this plagiarism finder.

6.    Bibme.Org’s

Bibme.Org steps forth with its easy yet convenient plagiarism finder. Now, this one is targeted toward students and teachers. However, bloggers and other forms of writers can use it all the same—since it does employ search engines to find duplicity.

You can also upload your files from your computer or import them directly from Google drive. But, as the homepage implies, it does use the same algorithms and approach as Turnitin.

How To Detect & Remove Plagiarism

Now that you have the tools to find plagiarism in your content, you must learn how to remove it. Therefore, here is a four-step process for your convenience:

·        Use Any of The Tools

So far, the tools we’ve talked about have all their remarkable traits. Therefore, pick the best one that suits your content’s length and scan your writing for any plagiarism.

·        Analyze Plagiarism’s Percentage

Once the tool has analyzed the content, let it finalize the plagiarism percentage in your content. This will help you understand how much of your content is original and how much you need to rewrite. If your content has less than 10% of plagiarism, then that’s good news.

·        Rewrite

Now that you’ve picked apart the duplicate content, you need to rewrite it. Bear in mind that you need to rewrite to cite the source—which the tools would help you find.

·        Check Again

Now that you have rewritten your content, it’s time that you scan your content for plagiarism again. This will guarantee that your content has no plagiarism or duplicity left in it.


In this post, we looked at 6 tools that you can use for checking plagiarism in your work. All of them are free, and you can pick whichever one suits your need.

Before wrapping up, we also looked at some steps that you can follow to detect and remove plagiarism from your content.

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