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Tips & Tricks10 mins ago

Disable caching of your site or post

I talked about Disabling search engine on search pages in a previous post using the meta tag. Today lets go...

News12 hours ago

WordCamp Las Vegas Near

The time is near, only 6 hours and some change to to get your tickets to WordCamp in Las Vegas!...

Tips & Tricks24 hours ago

Disable search engine on search pages

A good idea when trying to get the most out of your blog is usging the meta tag to tell...

We Love1 day ago

Tips & Tricks1 day ago

Run PHP5 on your PHP4 Server

Here is a really neat trick! Access your PHP5 while running PHP4. If you haven’t created a .htaccess file, you...

Showcase2 days ago

News2 days ago

The New Theme

So I want to hear some feedback! Please let me know what you think so far. The theme is based...

Tips & Tricks3 days ago

Flip! A jQuery plugin

I just came across a interesting new plugin built on the wonderful jQuery library. It’s called Flip!, head on over...

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Articles6 days ago

Echo Images inside a Post into the Loop

Here is a useful trick. Want to call or echo an image into your blog post with our using the...

Articles7 days ago

Post this to Twitter

Hey, do you have a list a social bookmark links? Does it have a Twitter link? Well here is a...

Showcase1 week ago