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Social Media: It’s Time Marketers Start 6 Facebook Marketing Strategy



Social Media: It’s Time Marketers Start 6 Facebook Marketing Strategy 11


After years of aimlessly chasing fans, it’s time marketers start driving real business results from Facebook. This requires building a Facebook page that has a clear focus and offers value to customers, leveraging the entire Facebook Social Media: It’s Time Marketers Start 6 Facebook Marketing Strategy 12tool kit, and integrating Facebook into a broader marketing strategy. To accomplish this, interactive marketers must be both an “oracle” who teaches their organization about Facebook and a “gatekeeper” who manages access to the platform. As marketers mature with the social network and Facebook increases its commitment to brands, together they will revolutionize the advertising industry.

Marketers haven’t cracked the Facebook code:

From toppling governments to inspiring award-winning films to bring long-lost family members together, Facebook is often the center of attention. And marketers are swarming to it like moths to a flame: 96 of the top 100 advertisers now use the site. Yet while millions of people have “liked” brand pages, most marketers fail to derive value from those relationships. In fact, engagement rates on brand pages are declining rather than increasing. The result? Believe it or not, most marketers don’t even see Facebook as their best option to drive audience engagement (see Figure 1). Marketers are failing to use the platform to its full potential because:

  • They lack focus. In their race to start a Facebook page, many marketers forgot an integral step: setting clear objectives. Now they’re left with Facebook pages that have no purpose other than collecting “likes.” This lack of objectives not only hurts from a business perspective but also means that fans don’t get any real value from liking the brand.
  • They don’t understand the platform. Facebook is unlike any platform marketers have ever seen — it’s like a miniature Internet with its own set of rules. EdgeRank, Facebook’s system for deciding which content appears in the newsfeed, is similar to search engine optimization (SEO) but requires a different kind of optimization. Facebook Ads are a cross between banners and paid search — and don’t quite follow the conventions of either. Marketers struggle not only to understand each of these pieces individually but also how they work together and how they’re evolving.
  • They don’t have the right resources in place. Facebook doesn’t cost as much in money as it does in manpower — but many marketing organizations don’t have appropriate manpower in place — the dedicated people or the content development and sharing processes needed to be successful.
  • They seek the wrong measurements. Marketers say that measuring return on investment (ROI) is their biggest challenge in social media, and measuring Facebook is no exception. Too many marketers ask “What is the value of a fan?” and not enough marketers understand their fans’ value in terms of loyalty and influence or Facebook’s impact on their business. Marketers won’t be able to prove value until they begin to ask the right questions.

Facebook Hasn’t Made Brands a Priority

Just as marketers have struggled to use Facebook properly, Facebook has struggled to help them succeed. In fact, for a company that relies on advertising revenues, Facebook hasn’t done much to make life easier for advertisers:

  1. It does not make content management easy. Marketing on Facebook requires a constant flow of content. Yet marketers aren’t set up to be publishers — and Facebook offers only limited options for managing multiple pages or handling multiple languages. Coca-Cola experienced this downside when Portuguese-language content accidentally appeared on its US page, inciting some users to respond with hate speech on a page that promotes happiness.

Social Media: It’s Time Marketers Start 6 Facebook Marketing Strategy 13

  1. It constantly changes the rules without warning. Facebook’s frequent and unilateral policy changes make it difficult for marketers to trust and invest in the platform. Just ask any pharmaceutical company: When Facebook recently removed the ability to disable user comments, it put the pharma companies at direct risk of violating government regulations and ultimately forced many to shutter their Facebook pages.
  2. It offers marketers limited data. Facebook is one of the only major websites that doesn’t allow third-party ad tags. Not only does that force marketers to rely on Facebook-provided data that one social analytics executive described as “lightweight,” but it means marketers can’t compare Facebook campaigns with other channels like search and banners or include them in attribution analysis. Without reliable, comparable data, brands can’t determine how important Facebook really is to their marketing mix.

Follow 4 Steps to Make Your Facebook Marketing Work:

Collecting fans without purpose isn’t enough; marketers must get serious about driving business results from Facebook. To do so, take four steps that will help you squeeze all of the possible value out of your Facebook program:

  1. Set clear objectives. If you don’t know what you want to achieve, you probably won’t achieve much at all. Define objectives that provide real value to your business.
  2. Build a page that provides value for your fans. Bring focus to your Facebook marketing by building a brand page that not only accomplishes your business objectives but also gives fans a reason to continually engage the brand.
  3. Use the full Facebook tool kit to increase reach and engagement. A brand page shouldn’t sit on its own. It’s imperative that you combine features such as ads, events, and apps along with your brand page to get the most out of the network.
  4. Integrate Facebook into your marketing mix. Facebook is not an island. It’s as important to integrate it with the rest of your marketing as with any other medium.

Set Clear Objectives

Start by rethinking what your Facebook page is going to accomplish for your business. Facebook’s versatility lets you choose from objectives that span almost every part of the marketing mix, including:

  1. Generating word of mouth. Facebook’s mission is to “give people the power to share” — and it has succeeded spectacularly. Over 4 billion “things” are shared every day, often related to products and brands. Facebook is the No. 1 site where consumers see social content about products and services, well ahead of any other social network. And according to Forrester’s Tech Marketing Navigator, the word of mouth generated on social networks plays a growing role in the purchase path for consumer technology products (see Figure 2).

Social Media: It’s Time Marketers Start 6 Facebook Marketing Strategy 14

  1. Driving people down the sales funnel. While it’s unlikely to replace dedicated direct marketing channels like Google AdWords, Facebook can drive some forms of direct response. John Deere uses Facebook content to tempt its half-million fans into a lead-generation site and reports that Facebook drives leads at a rate comparable to direct mail.

Social Media: It’s Time Marketers Start 6 Facebook Marketing Strategy 15

  1. Increasing loyalty. Facebook offers marketers a new way to engage their most loyal customers — and to get them to spread marketing messages. For instance, Tasti D-Lite allows fans to link their TastiRewards accounts to Facebook. Then every time they make a purchase, a customizable message is posted on their Facebook page.

Social Media: It’s Time Marketers Start 6 Facebook Marketing Strategy 16

  1. Helping your peers in product development or eBusiness. Savvy consumer product professionals are tapping Facebook for new ideas and to create new functionality. Starbucks created an application that allowed people to create their own Frappuccino online and then share with friends on Facebook. And Facebook has the potential to drive shared purchases. For instance, LiveNation’s Ticketmaster has integrated Facebook’s social graph into its interactive seating chart, allowing people to see where their friends are sitting and buy seats nearby.

Build a Page That Provides Value for Your Fans

Today’s brand pages are littered with a random mix of company news, promotions, advertising, and other content focused on what marketers want rather than what fans want. Carolyn Everson, VP of global marketing solutions at Facebook, says that the brands that succeed on Facebook are “the ones that give people a reason to be fans.” To provide value to the fans you should:

  1. Learn who your fans are and what they want. Facebook doesn’t provide much data on your fans, but there are ways of getting more information through opt-ins. EMI worked with campaign management platform Neolane to develop a Facebook app that collected opt-in customer information and then integrated it back into EMI’s customer database. Knowing who your fans are can help you determine not only how valuable they are as customers and influentials, but also what kind of content and engagement they’re looking for.
  2. Use Facebook data to dynamically optimize your content plan. While Facebook data is limited, dig through what’s available to learn how your community is responding to your posts. PageLever — an analytics tool that specializes in optimizing brand pages based on available Facebook data — pulls near real-time data from Facebook’s application
  3. programming interface (API) to help companies learn what content types are performing the best, which demographics are responding, and what time of day is optimal for posting. This data can then be used to create a dynamic content plan that gets the best response out of the community at any given point in time.
  4. Use apps to create a richer experience. A “like” allows fans to read and comment on your posts, but to create deeper engagement like games and contests you’ll need an application. For Valentine’s Day 2011, Target ran a contest called “The Super Love Sender” that let people vote on which charity would receive $1 million from the brand. Target’s Facebook app allowed fans to send friends personalized valentines and get real-time updates on which charity was in the lead.
  5. Keep your community active — even in down cycles. Your Facebook page is not a campaign, it’s a community of people who have raised their hands as brand advocates. As Scott Weisbrod, VP of strategy at Blast Radius told us, “Facebook allows for a more meaningful relationship than search or email. It’s important to build a content plan and calendar not only for your big campaign pushes but also during the down cycles when you’re not doing campaigns.”

Integrate Facebook into Your Marketing Mix

Facebook is too often treated as an isolated asset rather than an integrated part of the marketing mix — creating inconsistency in both the marketing plan and with the end-user. To integrate it interactive marketers should:

  1. Incorporate Facebook’s social graph into your existing web properties. Facebook makes it easy for you to bring its massive sharing network to your website, creating additional reach and interaction with your content and experiences. Toymaker Step2 built a Facebook Connect login into its site so customers could repost their product reviews on Facebook as well. The results: The amount of traffic it got from Facebook grew 135%, and the revenue from that traffic grew 300%.
  2. Make Facebook promotions the foundation of broader campaigns. Chances are that your broader campaigns will create at least some conversation on Facebook; by making Facebook the center of that campaign you can incite both conversation and participation. Corona’s “the most liked beer in America” campaign featured the faces of its Facebook fans on a billboard in Times Square — both creating reach (signs in Times Square typically get 1.5 million impressions per day) and driving 200,000 new “likes” for the brand.
  3. Use Facebook data to make other marketing programs more effective. While Facebook makes it hard to learn who your users are, it’s relatively easy to track their actions — and use that information to improve the rest of your marketing programs. For instance, customer relationship management (CRM) vendor Merkle can connect Facebook fans to existing CRM data. And marketers should work with vendors like DataXu, a demand-side media buying company, which now includes data from Facebook campaigns in its display media optimization algorithms.

The leading performance media platform for agencies, Social Media Marketing Services helps agency marketers buy, track, manage, optimize, retarget, and report on media across all channels—including search, display, and social media.

Dynamic Buzz provides the social media management for agencies buying ads on any online channel, helping them handle all tasks associated with performance advertising within an integrated platform.

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Top 8 popular WordPress plugins of all the time




Top 8 popular WordPress plugins of all the time 17

The WordPress plugin repository has 54,000+ plugins. That’s like a lot. These plugins are used to complement the core WP installation. In other words, it improves a user’s experience on WordPress. They handle certain features and functionalities that WP cannot do by itself.

Choosing the correct plugin is vital for your website’s security, user-friendliness, and speed. Else you can take WordPress support from a good team.

 We have listed down the top 8 popular WordPress plugins. Let’s discuss first what WP Plugin is.

Top 8 popular WordPress plugins of all the time 18

WordPress Plugin

WP plugin is defined as a software tool that is scripted in the PHP language. It includes additional features on your WP website. The plugin provides a simple process to add features to your website without writing a single code.

The API of the plugin provides an effective hooks’ and filters set. This robust set enables developers to modify or add new functions with WordPress. 

8 Popular WordPress plugins

Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimization is necessary to boost traffic to your website. Without any doubt, Yoast SEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin. It supports you to add Meta tags, connect your website with Google Search Console, etc. 

The plugins provide you with a complete solution to improve on-page SEO. The features of Yoast SEO are as follows:

  • Readability check
  • Internal linking suggestion
  • Access to create custom Description/Mets Header
  • XML News Sitemaps
  • Quickly build 301 directs with the Redirect feature
  • Optimize for synonyms, keywords
  • Update as per Google’s algorithm

The plugin makes sure that your site meets the top-most SEO principle. It provides the tools to optimize your content for overall readability and SEO.


Every day it is not easy to filter out spam that is either irrelevant stories or promotional links. Automattic developed a tool called Akismet.

It is known as the godfather of comment spam reduction plugins. The plugin works great to track back spam and filter out most comments. It reviews all your contact form submissions against their global spam database. This WordPress Premium plugin provides advanced security solutions along with spam protection.

To use the plugin, you will need an API key that is free for non-commercial use. It is beneficial if you receive at least ten comments daily.


The Automattic company built another top-most WordPress plugin called Jetpack. It is a versatile tool with numerous features. The plugin supports you with design, marketing, and security. Among its multiple features, you can perform the following-

  • Spam filtration
  • Malware scanning
  • Find site analytics
  • Login security
  • CDN
  • Automatic social media posting
  • Slow image loading
  • Multiple WordPress themes and more.


How can we miss WooCommerce among the list of popular WordPress plugins? An e-commerce plugin enables you to sell anything on the web simply. 

The plugin has an abundance of themes, easy customization options, and much more. Therefore, it stands unique among the list of WordPress plugins. 

Wondering why WooCommerce is best for you? The plugin provides features such as adding product variation, extensive payment methods, etc. The developer community creates extensions to make online selling as smooth as possible.


WPForms is a fantastic plugin that allows people to create popular forms with simple and easy steps. The form is created by using a simple interface of drag-and-drop. This plugin enables you to create contact, subscription, payment, survey, and other forms. It doesn’t require you to put in a great effort, as you can create forms with just a few clicks. 

Note that this plugin can integrate with all the primary payment and marketing platforms. 

WP Rocket

Every business requires quick page load times and to accomplish this caching solution is the most effective way. The WordPress repository has a Premium caching plugin called WP Rocket. It helps to escalate the loading time of a site. The plugin works with the cached copies and reduces the servers’ workload. It also aids in lowering the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS file weight through minimization. The features of the plugin include-

  • Compatible with cloud flare
  • Improve user-end browser caching
  • Quick Load images while scrolling down
  • Support WordPress Multi website
  • Incorporate caching solution along with a CDN
  • Load images on request
  • Facilitate slow loading to boost page load time. 


Page builder aids you in creating more complex designs as you don’t need to use coding. The most popular page builder plugin as per is Elementor. The plugin has quickly shot up the rank with over 1.2 million active installs. It offers a free package to build complex designs with a drag-and-drop interface. 

You must think of installing this plugin on your website. This will support you to have full control over your design.

Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru is a specifically designed, fully automated plugin for WP migration. It offers you the fastest, easiest, and most reliable method to migrate your WordPress website. The plugin runs on an external server named BlogVault’s server. You can quickly transfer large sites without any issues. 

There is a choice to save the migration setting and remove the unnecessary files during the migration process. This allows you to repeat the migration with a single click in the future. 

The plugin has the following feature:

  • No overload on the website
  • No requirement for storage space
  • Easy to use
  • Build for large websites
  • One-click migration
  • Fully automatic, replace & built-in-search


Large images slow down the loading of websites. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize every file image to improve speed. Optimizing every image manually can be a tedious task. 

For this, you can apply the Smush plugin. It is a simple way to compress and optimize your WP website images. The plugin compresses images all over your website automatically. You will need to upload images to your WP website media folder. 

The plugin provides no interruption in your workflow and improves website performance.


A WordPress plugin helps you to quickly and smoothly run your website. It improves user experience and supports websites to reach a wider audience. 

No need to get confused about which plugin is best for your website. We have mentioned 8 of the pre-eminent WP plugins of all time. These plugins are accessible in free as well as paid forms.

Author’s Bio

Jinny Sarah Jacob is a Sr. Technical content writer at 24×7 WP Support, a leading WordPress development company that supports WordPress themes, plugins, and errors. She is a passionate technology geek and loves to write blogs on marketing, technology, B2B, big data/analytics, business strategizing, etc.

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Increase Traffic with Comments




Increase Traffic with Comments 19

We all want to read comments, especially if these comments praise us or show that many people value our posts on our blog. Therefore, those valuable comments you can have on your blog can generate a lot of qualified visitors in your blog traffic.

Your website, more significantly, your blog posts can generate traffic. if you can improve the search traffic, you have the help of the things below.

Learn ways – How to Increase Blog Traffic with Comments

  • Ask or Request Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions tend to prompt a lot of engagement that includes comments. However, it only means that when you allow the recipients to express themselves, they will provide you with complete and meaningful answers.

One of the main reasons there are a lot of blog posts that are not generating loads of traffic with comments is because the questions they have are close-ended. These close-ended questions can only be answered by a yes or a no or with a direct answer that does not leave anything else that will run for longer and more comments.

  • Write A Post On the Top List

If you wish to improve your search traffic and generate powerful comments about the user experience on your blog posts, you should consider writing a post that falls on the top list. Unfortunately, many people struggle to gain online transactions from when they first opened their blog until they have discovered the importance of having a content marketing strategy.

To gain comments, you should add keywords wherein people are searching for the headline that you have. It would be best if you did not try to sound like an English professor to have one. The things that you need to do are to make your headline appear relevant for it to attract attention, comments as well as a load of traffic.

  • Do Some Influencer and Expert Name Dropping

Name-dropping is a term that refers to the practice of attributing names of famous experts as well as bloggers to your content. Using this strategy, your blog posts can generate a lot of comments that would, later on, create loads of traffic for your website.

Generating comments for each blog post is one of the best ways to get a lot of traffic to your website. This way, you can make your content more valuable because some people seem to appreciate the things you have written. Therefore, if you wish to gain loads of traffic for your website, you should first work on generating comments with the help of the tips stated above that are very easy to do for your content. This, in turn, will increase Blog Traffic.

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Bring your blog to life with videos




Bring your blog to life with videos 20

Videos add life to blogs. It could make explaining things easier and deliver the message better. Moreover, more and more bloggers are turning into video blogging for various reasons. Although there are available videos on the internet, it would be best to create them yourself. There are multiple ways and methods of making videos. Therefore, you should complete the one that could truly bring life to your Weblog.

How can Video Blogs bring life to your Weblog?

We all know that videos have been used for marketing content. One of the reasons for this one is that people love watching them. Moreover, it helps people have an easier time absorbing its content. Individuals also prefer watching rather than reading long texts and articles. In addition, videos can also be rich in content.

Video blogs can also cover a lot of topics. That is why Video Blogging has been very helpful, especially in businesses. Video blogs are a great way of presenting your brand and yourself. In creating a video, the persons involved should not be shy in front of the camera. Instead, they should have positive energy. There are other kinds of videos you could also upload to your Weblog. For example, if you do not want to use natural persons, you could create animations. Thus, you could use your creativity in creating them. That way, your videos would become more attractive to your target audience.

Video blogging gives you more control over the content you want with the audience. Moreover, texts are more vulnerable to misunderstandings as compared to videos. Video blogs also provide an excellent means of sharing information, precious ones. More people are attracted to watching videos because they can deliver a more detailed and straightforward message. You could also create video tutorials about things people are interested in learning. One of the trends in video blogging is the sharing of the everyday lives of bloggers. They share things that they want to share with others.

One of the most significant advantages of using video blogs is that it has a higher chance of getting viral. AS YouTube, the most popular Video Blogging site, has billions of visitors and users, there are higher chances that more people would get to watch the videos you have uploaded. Moreover, it could be shared on various social media sites and reach a more comprehensive audience range.

Suppose ever you truly wanted your Weblog to have life. In that case, you could create videos that are hilarious, interesting, funny, information, or even shocking, depending on the audience that you are targeting. Before that, you should also do your research and create your script. The first thing you need to consider is the things that your audience would like. It is also essential to keep it as exciting and refreshing as possible. By doing so, there would be no doubt that people would your Weblog would start garnering attention again.

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