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10 effective tips to create and optimize your articles

Optimization of articles is a simple and easy task if we have all the necessary tips and techniques. Even though failing to optimize articles may not cause a big harm, it should be remembered that optimized articles are very beneficial because they will be well exposed and thus more visitors will be driven to our websites. On the other hand, optimized articles achieve better rankings on search engines. Did you know that optimizing articles is cheap and that it can be done by anyone? Let us discuss the following tips that will definitely result in well optimized web content.

1. Without considering the SEO technical staff, commence by writing for the audience.
To begin with, you should pay attention to delivering content that is needed by the audience. The content should be beneficial to the reader and above all, the content should be able to make you proud. Search engine optimization techniques should not bother you especially if you are still in the initial writing phase. If you allow SEO to rule your writing, you may not produce quality content.

2. You should understand that as you write, the article will automatically take shape.
If you are a new writer, don’t stress yourself about the quality of your initial article. It is important to understand that as you continue to write more articles, you will be able to perfect your skills. The secret to success is that you should be determined and focused.

3. Take your time and give every project the duration that it deserves.
In order to perfect on any skill, it is important to give it the due attention that it deserves. Do some few tasks at a time. If you rush into completing a task hurriedly, it is very unlikely that you will succeed. In addition, work on your thought as they come along, sleeping on them will not help.

4. Test all the completed articles to establish how it will flow to the reader.
According to Robin Nobles, the best way to test a finished content is by reading it loud once it is completed. This will enable you to notice even the slightest errors that could not be picked up by spell checkers. By reading the article loud, you will be able to notice several errors. Once you notice the errors, fix them before submitting the article to the audience.

5. Perform additional keyword research by using aids like the Wordtracker. Remember to include all the ideal keyword phrases in their suitable areas.
You ma need to do some re-writing of your article while considering the basic optimization rules. Some of the considerations that should not be forgotten are; the researched phase especially in the Tittle Tag, Heading texts and Title tags. The secret to getting well optimized articles is to first write an ordinary article, thereafter, it should be rewritten while applying optimization tactics.

6. As you re-write the article, don’t forget to make use of keyword variation.
The main objective of re-writing the original article is to add helpful content. In addition, rewriting gives an opportunity to optimize keywords. It is advisable to make use of keyword variation so that the article becomes interesting. Repetition of the same keywords renders the article spamy.

7. Maintain “customer focus” as you write the article.
The message in the article should focus on offering assistance to the readers. The article should not be too general but it should be written with due consideration of the end user requirements. This, however, depends on the article being written but all in all, the article should not drift away from what the reader wants.

8. Provided a brief but detailed bio.
The bio should contain all the essential keyword phrases within the text link that will link back to the website. The readability of the bio should not be compromised because it is what improves the quality of the article.

9. Submitting the articles to the best e-zines as well as publications will help too.
This is the best way to ensure that your article is distributed and circulated to millions of readers. Don’t forget to adhere to the rules of submission so that your article is received and circulated successfully.

10. Make use of an analytics program to track your visitors (traffic).
As each article gets published, it is of essence to track the traffic. For instance, e-zine distributors who distribute by e-mail are normally the best and you will be amazed by the number of traffic that your article with get if distributed by e-mail.
Suppose you have no time to write sufficient amount of new content?
You will not be left out either, below, find 3 tips that will assist you to enjoy the benefits of an updated site;

Make use of ghost writers.
Hire contract writers.
You may utilize outsourcing services.

The bottom line
For higher website rankings to be attained, it is important to regularly supply the site with fresh and original content. This is the best advice that you can get from any online business expert. Make use of all the tips today and you will see the difference.



Author Bio- This post has been written by Nicky Jiny. She is expert in SEO and SMO.

She is evangelist at They provide best Drupal SEO Services.

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