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I was just working on re-launching my forum in preparation of the new theme I am going to release sometime this week. And while in the bbPress admin section I noticed some spammers had registered, a little over two hundred fifty to be exact.

While I was looking at the bbPress site, I came across this article: TalkPress and bbPress. It talked about a new VIP service that Automattic is working on for forum integrations, like

So what might this mean? Well I think after many verbal attacks to Matt Mullenweg by many attendees of the last few WordCamp’s, the first official stable release of bbPress could be close to launch!

TalkPress itself is not open for public signup at this stage. Currently we are bringing on a few “VIP” partners so that we can run-in the platform in a more controlled way. The pioneers on the service are Time Inc. who are incorporating a TalkPress forum into their website. I’m happy to report back to the bbPress community that TalkPress (and thus bbPress) withstood their rigorous security testing with flying colours. This testing incorporated, amongst other things, comprehensive XSS and SQL injection tests.

As for bbPress, some movement has occurred in the priorities leading up to a final 1.0 release. Some of the more fundamental changes that were planned are being put on the back-burner so that these aims can be achieved:

  1. Full compatability with both WordPress 2.7 and 2.8
  2. Easier integration steps for WordPress MU
  3. Retaining compatibility with the existing catalogue of current plugins

Sam Bauers

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  1. Peter

    April 27, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    I’m pretty excited about this – I love the coding style behind wordpress, so working with bbpress feels like an old pair of jeans. Unfortunately, the backend leaves plenty to be desired, and its not exactly “feature-rich”. I really hope this gives bbpress development a shot in the arm.

    Peter´s last blog post..New WordPress Plugin: Default Post Content

    • Austin

      April 28, 2009 at 9:46 am

      Everyone knows it needs it, but some other new and possibly cooler projects have kept bbPress in the dirt. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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If appropriately used, misspelled keywords can be worth gold. Ranking keywords are getting more complex day by day. Competition for different popular search terms is multiplying, and it takes lots of resources to push a particular website into the first page of a Google search. If you are a blogger, you are probably searching for ways to become even more visible on the Internet. And having an optimized keyword would mean a lot. We cannot deny that there are tricky words to spell, yet the competition for misspelled keywords is much easier to rank.

Here are some practical ways to optimize misspelled keywords that would benefit a blogger like you the most.

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WordPress Backup for Bloggers




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WordPress Backup is a Must!

Creating WordPress Backup regularly is one good way to add maximum security to your blog site. Whether your site is for fun or for profit, there are still chances that it is more frustrating than your site being compromised. Whether by hacking, server issues, or viruses, it is imperative to have a reliable WordPress backup to protect your site from these unwanted scenarios. WordPress backup gives you peace of mind, especially when you are stuck in a catastrophic situation, and allows you to save everything in your site when you accidentally lock yourself or when your site gets hacked.

When you speak about backup, it means you are saving a duplicate version of your work, including files, WordPress themes, and a database (including users, posts, comments, etc.). It is like saving a vital document to your Dropbox or desktop. And one of the best ways to back up your site is with the help of backup plugins for WordPress. These backup plugins allow you to add more functionality to your site except those that already exist with WordPress. There are various backup plugins out there; some offer great deals while others offer it for FREE. With the help of WordPress backup plugins, you can protect everything you have in your WordPress without worrying about losing files.

WordPress Backup Plugins

  1. BackupBuddy– one of the well-known and premium WordPress Backup Plugins for WordPress today, includes BackupBuddy. This plugin is made by iThemes, which lets you back up various sources, not just your hard drives but also your email, Dropbox, FTP, and more. This backup is completed efficiently with just a click of a button. What you need to do is to select where your backup will be stored & as well as how frequently you want your backup to occur.
  2. UpdraftPlus– another way to backup your WordPress is with the help of UpdraftPlus. Unlike any other backup plugins, this backup option is FREE! This free plugin is very straightforward, meaning that no unnecessary and complicated features will only overwhelm you. Like BackupBuddy, this also supports backup to FTP, email, and other storage solutions. Beyond this fantastic feature, it also offers reliable database encryption for the maximum level of security; plus,, you can split large sites into several archives to make your backup easier.
  3. BackUpWordPress– apart from BackupBuddy and UpdraftPlus, another popular and steadfast plugin today includes BackUpWordPress. These unique WordPress backup plugins also have good scheduling that is very useful for users, especially when they want to create a different schedule for their files and database. This backup plugin is easy to set up, thus making it more user-friendly. However, if ever you want to store backup to other places aside from your hard drive and/or email, you have to purchase an extension (BackUpWordPress also offers extensions such as individual cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive).
  4. WP-DB-Backup– if you want to back up your WordPress database, then one of the best solutions is the WP-DB-Backup. For any starter, this backup plugin is FREE. This plugin is also a good option for those bloggers who don’t frequently update their sites and those who don’t use images and videos in their blog posts. With this tool, you can easily schedule your database backup, restore them and even allow users to perform a manual database backup.
  5. Snapshot– a backup plugin that lets you take a quick snapshot of your site at any aspect and save it later for storage whenever you want to. When you decide to save a version of your site, you need to click only the ‘Create Snapshot’ button. This will immediately capture your website as it is at the moment. It also allows you to schedule these backups and where you want to save your files (either in SFTP, Dropbox, and other storage services).

How to perform your WordPress backup for Plugins?

  1. Download & Install. The first thing you need to do before any process involvedd in backing up your WordPress is to download and install your preferred backup plugins. You can also visit your plugins dashboards to be guided on activating the WP backup plugins by following its instructions.
  2. Configure your Plugin. Visit the plugins’ settings page in your WP dashboard for configurations. For example, if you opt to have BackupBuddy, you will do two things. First, you have to choose a password for ‘ImportBuddy’ under the general options, and second, you have to enter your email address where all error notifications must be sent.
  3. Set up Offsite backup. By sending a copy of your backup files to offsite in case, an unexpected problem occurs (such as server crash and hacking) or if ever it is inaccessible, still you have safe storage of your saved files. Some WordPress Backup plugins already provide free built-in offsite storage together with their plugin. Furthermore, having a plugin with an offsite backup is an advantage.
  4. Complete Backup. If you are ready to run your very first backup, click the menu where you can find ‘Complete Backup’ to get everything started.
Importance of WordPress Backup Plugins

Many people pro or new to WordPress must be very attentive when backing up their site. Regularly creating a backup for your site can guarantee that your WP site and essential files are under maximum protection. Thanks to the power of WP backup plugins, you can now avoid the stress and mind-numbing pain of having your blog site disappear without obtaining a viable backup or copy. Even the most experienced site owners already working online for many years can make mistakes. Thus, wrong files can sometimes be deleted or overwritten, needing a plugin to help them back up their important files.

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Papercut is a grungy news theme with beautiful alternating stylesheets, built-in widgets, and layout control via a hand crafted theme options page. It’s the perfect out-of-the-box solution to give your website a stylish new look. Irrespective of your preferred style; Papercut will have one you like.

Unique Features

These are some of the more unique features that you will find within the theme:

  • Five eye-catching theme styles to pick from that include the default, newspaper, red print, wood and floral prints.
  • An unique homepage layout, with a beautiful grid structure that keeps your content looking fresh and appealing.
  • Beautiful comment styling and unobtrusive advertising banner placements.
  • A completely widgetized sidebar with custom widgets included in the theme packaging. No third party widgets required.
  • Integrated Banner Management widget to display banner ads of your choice site-wide;

Standard Features

These features are probably just as special as the one’s above, but you’ll find these standard features within most of our wide range of themes:

  • Integrated Theme Options (for WordPress) to tweak the layout, colour scheme etc. for the theme;
  • Automatic Image Resizer, which is used to dynamically create the thumbnails and featured images;
  • Custom Page Templates for Archives, Sitemap & Image Gallery;
  • Built-in Gravatar Support for Authors & Comments;
  • Integrated Banner Management script to display randomized banner ads of your choice site-wide;

Available Color Schemes

Please note that the theme package includes all of these color schemes and with the Theme Options back-end, it is possible to change the theme’s color scheme (between these) whenever you see fit.

WooThemes - Finally a themes club that is here to stay

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