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How to Make an Online Business from Your Passion

Passion is the main ingredient in any business. The majority of successful online businesses started from the core passion of key people. The successful entrepreneurs saw their websites grow and they realized that there is money to get from it. The process of adding successful content to your blog can add more funds


You don’t even need to know that much about online selling. You will learn everything as the time passes. The technical details associated with building the website will seem like a pleasant activity as long as you are doing it for something that you believe in.


Step 1 – The Passion


We all have passions, whether it is a hobby or we’re good at a certain activity. Everyone has a passion for something. There might be undeveloped passions, but inclinations and certain interests exist in each one of us.


Discover your passion, even if it is only a small interest in a certain area. The simplest method to do so is to answer to this question: What do I like to do all day long without getting bored? Even laziness can be a moneymaking initiative, as there are many people that pay for advice about making nothing effectively…


Step 2 – Become an Expert


Being an expert in an area does not mean to know everything. Statistically, it means to read 3-5 books about a certain field and use that knowledge to practice your craft Once you have decided the specific passions you have, it is time to learn more. The research that you do can be very crucial to your reputation as an expert.


Step 3 – Finding your target


At the beginning, you will have to address to…beginners. The beginners are those people that know the least about a certain subject. This is why it is not necessary to be a guru. If you like to make sporting bets on specialized websites, you can give advice to those individuals that have never done this before. You can do this even if you are not one of those professional gamblers that win all the time.


Don’t try to reinvent the wheel and to win a Nobel Prize. Just think about yourself as a tutor that guides students to make their first steps in a respective area.


Step 4 – Positioning as an Expert


Your position as an expert is advanced by publishing relevant content in the respective niche. It can be very helpful to publish advanced articles in your field. To do this, you will need a domain, host and have a blog installed. You can do this easily; by choosing one of the reputable hosting companies out there. Once you have the design ready (use Blogger, WordPress or another CMS. Make sure to spend some time to make it look good). Once you have done this, you will have to start publishing, but you should also think about SEO optimization.


Step 7 – Traffic and SEO


If you want to obtain traffic and leads, you need visitors. The traffic is generated in the base of published content with the help of SEO techniques. There are many things to say about SEO, you can find a specialized course about SEO. Don’t look for those courses promising you millions of dollars from AdSense. It is possible to make good money from AdSense, but only within a solid network of websites. Until you learn how to manage such a network, maybe you should focus on your first website.


Step 8 Getting leads – What is a lead?


Briefly, it is all resumed to quality content and good promotion by obtaining high quality links to your blog. A lead is a potential customer that might buy your product. It is more than a unique visitor on the website; it is a visitor that is interested in your services. Before making any sale, you should try to obtain leads and prospects.


Step 9 – the Auto-responder and the email list


The auto responder is a program that helps you store email addresses and create a relationship with the prospective lead. A sale only takes place due to a certain amount of imitative. Customers won’t buy from anybody on the streets, and this also applies to the online world.


The success is made with articles on your blog, and with the bonuses offered to the visitor when he subscribes to your email list. This is a good method to distinguish between those customers that are only curious from those that are truly interested.


Step 10 – Selling the product


Selling the product can be made in two ways


  • the landing page, – where you present the benefits of your product
  • product launching – A series of pages and materials that would bring added value and present different products and benefits


Once you have done this, you can enjoy your growing network which would bring you more and more money. The website can grow over time.


About the Author: Nivia D. writes for CleverTim, a CRM company that provides web contact management services to small businesses.


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