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Why Having Your Site Built In WordPress Is Essential For SEO

WordPress is a highly popular open source content management system that is not only best for blogging, but also for hosting websites. If you don’t want to power a e-commerce website with lots of back end complexity, WordPress is the best solution. Aside from being simple and cost effective, it is also SEO friendly. Let’s have a close look at the benefits of WordPress in terms of SEO for your site.

* As WordPress offer customized permalinks, you can add all details about your business in your URL itself after the customary slash. This will help your site in charting the rungs in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS).

* By using RSS feeds you can alert your existing customers about any blog posts or other website updates.

* WordPress also has a way with Google Analytics. Therefore, you can check how users access your site, the most popular pages on your site and so on. There are many all-in-one plugins that can help in automizing your SEO efforts.

* Crawlability – It’s important for websites to be crawlable by all search engines in order to get indexed properly. This will ensure their higher rankings on search engines. The WordPress link structure and internal logic is not only simple, but is shared universally amongst millions of sites. Therefore, it is a familiar ground for all big search engines, which means Google spiders can easily find what they are interested in and can index and rank the site content with confidence.

* Plug-Ins – The number and variety of SEO plugins have grown considerably. The Platinum SEO pack, or all in one SEO Plug in are both easy and quick and can help you in reaching your SEO goals.

* Speed of content creation – WordPress is designed for continual and speedy publishing of content. Therefore, WP sites which grow fast and add new content also add breadth to your niche keyword families quickly. Therefore, your large website also becomes a sort of “bait” for inbound links from other sites.

* Pings, comments and trackbacks – These are interactive features that let other individuals and blogs interact with a WP site. This will bring traffic and tons of inbound links (in case of trackbacks and pings) and visitors and free content (in the form of fresh comments on the blog posts).

* New Content “Bump”- Another useful feature of WordPress which is also shared by other big blogging platforms is “new content lift”. Any new post will receive a boost in rankings during the first few days after it is published. That’s obvious as blog posts are intended to be current and topical. Google consider this new content as noteworthy and rewards it with an initial bump in the rankings. The exact ranking of a site will settle after few days.

* WordPress allows pinging Google and many other search engines as and when something new turns up. This helps search engines in setting their spiders to check and verity the effect of all such updates on a WP site. With so many benefits of WP websites in terms of SEO, millions of users are now designing their websites by using this platform.

Author Bio: Blogger who researches and talks about how wordpress benefits your seo campaign for Integrity SEO

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