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Swekey: A safe web enabler usb?

I received a Swekey in the mail this week. What’s a Swekey you ask?

Like regular keys protect your car and your home against thieves and burglars, the swekey protects your internet accounts against any kind of piracy

Any swekey protected web site will never accept to log you in if your swekey is not plugged into your computer… Read more

So I am going to start off by stating that there is a WordPress plugin to enable this handy little USB key on WordPress powered sites. For information on the plugin you can visit it on the plugin directory.

Hopefully you’re using the latest WordPress install (2.7.1), in which you can head to the plugins menu and click on Add New. Do a search for Swekey and install the latest version (which at the time of writing this was version 1.0.7).

Once you’ve got the latest version installed head into your settings and find the Swekey setting page which will look like:

The Swekey setting on WordPress 2.7.1

The Swekey setting on WordPress 2.7.1

I’m going to have to do some research on the first three options in the setting page, which I am not sure what other server URL I’d use or if needed be outside the localhost (which I am assuming is default — or left blank as it states).

The fourth option asks you whether you want to accept regular login’s without the swekey (in cause of misplacement) or to only allow login access with the swekey. For the most part I would not choose the latter option as the swekey isn’t that popular. This also might only be handy at the current state to the people inside the development of the Swekey, but a good idea none the less.

The next option inside the setting panel will either allow or disallow your users to attach/detach there profiles with the swekey to your site. If you’re site doesn’t allow users to register and you hand register everyone, you may want to do the same with this option.

Second to last, you can edit the Supported Brands: 8 chars hexadecimal upper case value. Which at this time am not sure what it does..yet.

The last option is simply a placement for the swekey logo if you choose to upload one.

So now we’ve got the plugin installed, I guess I better get to using and testing it before continuing anymore.. 🙂

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chris

    September 8, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    That key is pretty sweet. I’ve not tried it, but I plan on ordering!
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Organic SEO Myths =-.

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