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Adsense Pro Ultimate – Top Selling CTR Worpress Theme Review

Classic CTR Themes For WordPress have made it pretty easy to build informational websites using Adsense that can get you awesome click-through rates (CTR). Adsense provides you the ready made income at home and is a great way to earn money in a short amount of time by placing ads on your website, but usually these sites let you have a great amount of money on the table because of not very good looking designs and under optimized ad placements .

If you are seeking out for an Adsense theme then Adsense Pro Ultimate Theme (or APU for short) ought to be at the top of your list. Although you will find other themes available but as a rule you have to pinch them and add extra icons as well as play with the code like PHP, HMTL and CSS. In fact, most of the Adsense styles are ready made Adsense and not Adsense optimized. It is almost like the difference between HD ready and full HD, I would for sure, try to go for the 1080p television because of the higher quality. Though 720p is not that bad but it is not the top dog in the town.

The Adsense Pro Ultimate CTR Theme is by and large a wordpress theme which is solely built to get monetized with the Adsense to generate you some extra profit or money. This theme is completely optimized and made for the purpose to get the highest possible click as a result of better ad placement, so that you can have a better income, just with the help of this theme. Google has recommended this Ad placement strategy to be used when for better ad placement and profits.

With the help of CTR themes such as APU, Magnum and others, you have the ability to turn any site into money making machine but then again it can only be done when you have got sufficient knowledge about site building and maintenance.

Adsense Pro Ultimate CTR Theme really works!

If you want the best Adsense wordpress theme then you need to choose wordpress themes from Unlike other themes which need to tweaked these themes are already adsense made and you do not have to do a lot of doodling with the PHP and CSS too.

Most of the Adsense themes are Adsense ready, not Adsense optimized. There are a lot of Adsense templates which focus on placing the ads on the header and some ads on the sidebars, I’m quite sure that you have seen plenty of such websites. Ad placement is quite broad and varied plus you also have the option to fully control over the ad placement

When all of this trickles down to showing or hiding ads from the viewers not a single other themes comes in the way of the Adsense Pro Ultimate WordPress theme. You can hide ads with one click so that they do not get displayed when you are trying to get your site listed in the search engines and you always have the option to prevent showing your ads.

How is it different from the Competitors?

When you compare Adsense Pro Ultimate CTR Theme with other competitor themes, you always get the advantage. No other theme is so easy to use than this. There is an administrative panel installed in this theme which lets you change the ads and place them elsewhere without changing the original codes of the theme.

Besides this it also provides a better and faster loading speed of your site. If you get any trouble then there is always a panel of highly professional individuals who will help you 24/7.


The result is quite obvious. With Adsense Pro Ultimate  your AdSense website can generate more revenue when visitors clicks on the ads placement using the layout algorithm.


Musab Zain is a web developer by profession, who loves creating stunning Adsense WordPress Themes for his customers. More on his work here:

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