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Tested: Twitip ID Plugin

There is a really neat plugin named Twitip-ID for WordPress. As you can see, if you have commented on this site I was using this plugin.

While it is still in beta testing I feel that it is a really nice plugin, plus it will automatically put the required field into your comments template without any editing. I choice to to manually input the field for custom css and styling.

This plugin is really awesome and allows for other to employ their Twitter ID for other to follow them, giving a little more incentive for people to comment:).

Custom Fields Taking Over

Custom Fields Taking Over

But I have been having a little problem. The Twitter ID’s are generated and stored into the post’s meta as a custom field. Im not sure if I am the only one affectied by this, but as time passed the custom fields generated by commentators started to take over the drop box, and wouldn’t allow the regular custom fields I use to show.

Another think i would like to touch base on is the fact that even if a comment got cought and filtered through Akismet, the custom field of some spammy email address and aa value close to SncSJHfd6sNSs was still generated and stored in the Database of the post..

So from my perspective, I am going to deactivate this plugin at this time and hope the the next releases with touch base on some of these issues.


Following a message I posted on the WP Twitip ID forum, Andy Bailey replied:

I am working on an update to the twitip plugin. at the moment it is only at beta stage and I have a few things I want to add or change for a proper release. I will get on it as soon as I can!

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